Holy Esque – Interview

Ok I admit it, I am naturally biased towards Scottish bands! Especially Glasgow J But inall seriousness, Holy Esque are pretty damned awesome, so I should be forgiven.  It’s been a long time coming, but “At Hope’s Ravine” is out there for people to listen to, and it’s excellent quality speaks for itself and has been well worth the wait.  We chat to the band to find out a little more about why it took a while, and what they’ve got planned:

Your tour starts (or has started) on the 6th April, how excited are you for that?

Very! We’ve just returned from America, playing SXSW in Texas so we are excited to get back on the road and promote the album.

How difficult is it trying to sort a tour out, and how do you decide when and where you are going to play?

We have some help when putting together tours from people who know how to map these things out properly. For us, we’re playing everywhere we possibly could across the UK. For a lot of these towns, we’ve never been before so we’re intrigued to see what comes of it all. More than anything we’re just happy to be able to get out there and play.

You’ve played in the USA, how did crowds there compare to say those in Glasgow? Is there a noticeable difference? 

Culturally both are different experiences of crowds, however both have their own charm and sense of excitement. We’ve been to America five times now so we enjoy it over there. But at the end of the day, Glasgow is our hometown so we would always expect a good reaction there.

“At Hope’s Ravine” has taken a little while to record, could you tell us a little about the album, and whether you have any personal favourites on it and why?

It felt like the story with no ending for a long time. For a long list of reasons it seemed to get away from us but the majority of the time it was out of our hands. We thoroughly enjoyed the process overall as it became this huge project. It all began in a Copenhagen in 2013 and continued on in several recording studios all over the place until we finished. I believe it’s the strongest representation and introduction to Holy Esque possible with our minds now set on the second album. With regards to favourites, I really do love them all but stand outs just now for me are ‘Prism’ which is a colossal introduction that really sets the tone and ‘Covenant (ill)’ which is one of the newer songs I just love.

What have been the biggest challenges in recording?

Finance. From the beginning money has been a real thorn in the side of this band. We live in an industry starved of its resources and bands like us are the ones who suffer. Economic stability feels somewhat like a dream. I feel like the financial state of the music industry is not too different to the financial state of society itself. No one seems to the know answer.

Were there any songs that took a lot longer to record because they evolved considerably during the process?

Not necessarily. Songs would grow naturally in the moment whilst recoding. Any ideas or add-ons would be immediately recorded and saved for the track. It’s an exciting and spontaneous process that really lends itself to the songs but no one track took longer than it had to.

What’s been the best bit of advice you been given regarding the music industry?

There aren’t many people giving out good advice on the music industry.

What do you have planned next for Holy Esque?

We plan to finish our UK tour with a homecoming show at the Art School in Glasgow. Move onto Germany, then Ukraine. Then onto festival season where we will play all over, promoting our debut album. In between we will be writing for our second album and hopefully recording.

Pick up Holy Esque’s debut album At Hope’s Ravine at http://athopesravine.tumblr.com/

Web Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HolyEsque/
Tumblr – http://athopesravine.tumblr.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/HOLYESQUE
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/HolyEsqueVEVO


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