Speaking In Shadows – Interview

Speaking In Shadows

Speaking In Shadow’s new single “Scatter” has a huge sound to it that’s going to have audiences bouncing around singing along.  Soundwise it’s right up there with Mallory Knox and Bring Me The Horizon, having something of a defiant tone to it.  A lot of bands at the moment seem to be opting for two vocalists, one “clean” sound, and one “rather angry shouty shouty” type.  The great thing with Speaking in Shadows is that they have a great frontman and vocalist in Adam Smith and to add another voice would just be, well, distracting.  “Scatter’s” anthemic chorus soars with Adam’s fantastic delivery. Added to the mix are the great melodic riffs and guitar hooks courtesy of Lewis Sketchley and  Ali Carvell.  In light of such a cracking single, we managed to catch up with Speaking In Shadows to see how they’ve been getting on.

Last time we spoke it was January 2015, how have you been and what have you been up to?

Last year really did fly by, didn’t it! 2015 was our biggest and most productive year to date, with shows all across the UK on various tours. We started off promoting our previous EP, The Lies We Lead, but spent the best part of the year writing and recording new material for what would be our next EP, The Anchor. Musically, we decided to really refocus and hone our sound to build on what we loved to listen to and perform. We’re so happy with the result, and have had nothing but positive feedback from fans both old and new.

The latter half of the year saw us travel to mainland Europe for a tour, which was a truly incredible experience, and we also released The Anchor and the first single from that EP, Capsized. Taking some time out to write and remind ourselves who we were as a band really re-energised us, and that’s propelling us into 2016 with a positive attitude and drive.

I’ve seen a countdown for “Scatter” on your social media, could you tell us a little about this new single, how it came about / what inspired it?

Scatter was actually the first song we wrote when we started compiling tracks for The Anchor, and was the springboard that elevated our entire writing process for the EP. I think it’s a song we all invested a lot of truth and feeling into, and one that set the tone for The Anchor as a whole.

Lyrically, the song has a very personal message – as do all of the songs from the current EP. We’ve faced a lot of adversity and resistance from those around us during our pursuit of music as a band, and Scatter is about carrying on in spite of the objections and naysayers. It’s about carrying on regardless, and rising above the pettiness and spite. We hoped that message would resonate. Musically, we wanted to create something empowering and motivating, and something that would really involve the live audience. I hope we achieved that!

Where did you record the single and who produced it?

We produced the track ourselves, and went to the same place where we recorded our previous EP: Regal House Studio, in Wisbech. Sadly the studio has closed now, but our sound engineer, Lee Batiuk, has re-opened shop at Grange Farm – we’ll definitely be going there in the future, and can’t recommend it enough!

Who did you work with on the video and how did you react when you saw the completed work?

We’ve used numerous videographers over our time together as a band, and decided after the rather cinematic video for Capsized that we wanted something more raw for Scatter. We had a look at some other videos that had the right kind of style and feel for our ideas, and came across a guy called Zak Pinchin. He was really brilliant to work with, and made our entire day filming so enjoyable and straightforward.

The final product was exactly liked we’d hoped; in the past, we hadn’t really been able to picture the final cut or how it would look, but Zak really understood our vision for the story and concept, and we can’t wait for everyone else to see it. It’s very different to our previous music videos, as we’ve gone for a more light-hearted approach – it made us laugh a lot, and was hilarious to film.

 You’re going on tour later this month too, how is the preparation going for that?

Very well thank you! We’re a well-oiled machine, and with this being Ali’s final tour with us before he heads off into the sunset, we want to go out with a bang! We think the set we’ve put together is the strongest we’ve ever had, so we can’t wait to get out there and do what we love. We’re out with some other amazing bands too with Orchid Hill, Syren City and Face The Ocean, so the fans are in for an incredible night.

 And you’ve recently finished a few shows too, so do you have any favourite venues yet and why?

We’re actually really lucky to have a world-class venue in our little hometown of Nuneaton; it’s called The Queen’s Hall and it’s as good as any O2 Academy we’ve played. We’ve got a lot of fond memories there, from our very first show as together to our EP launch shows – we recommend it to anyone who’s playing The Midlands.

Outside of our hometown, we’re pretty fond of The Flapper in Birmingham, as it has a killer sound and atmosphere, and a venue in Berlin called The Sage Club that was unlike anything we’d never experienced before: it was a huge club with a swimming pool, a fire-breathing dragon on the wall and a LOT of neon paintings of naked bodies. Quite the experience…

 After this single and tour, what have you got planned next for SiS?

We’re already booked on to another amazing tour with our friends Lacey and Forty Four Hours, and once our new guitarist joins us officially we’ll be looking to write some new music! We’re also hoping to play some festivals, do an acoustic tour and travel back over to mainland Europe in the summer, but time will tell. Ultimately, we’re just going to press on and get our music out to as many new people as we can – let’s see what the future holds!

Web Links:

Website – http://www.speakinginshadows.co.uk/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/speakinginshadows
Twitter – https://twitter.com/officialSIS
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/SpeakinginShadows


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