Who did Negan Kill in The Walking Dead?


IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE SEASON 6 FINALE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (and entertainment) STOP READING!!  Don’t whine about plot spoilers after the fact.

I’m going to throw my hat into the ring and offer my opinion on who Negan killed, with a slightly more objective view on things.

Let’s start with the comic series that the show is based on. It’s widely known that Glenn is bludgeoned to death by Negan with his baseball bat, affectionately named ‘Lucille’, in front of Rick and his group. However, the TV series hasn’t been afraid to deviate from the comic book series, and it makes sense.  Let’s be honest, if it didn’t, we’d all know it was Glenn who died, there would be no suspense, and the internet wouldn’t be awash with theories, including mine.  Take for example Abraham.  In the comic book series, it’s him who gets taken out by Dwight, not Denise.  SO with that premise, let’s take a look at who might have just copped it.

I find it unlikely that Negan would kill a woman.  Sexist much?  If you look at the character of Negan, he’s something of a showman and killing a woman I don’t think would sit well with his ego.  With that in mind, Maggie, Michonne, Sasha and Rosita are pretty much safe.  The other two people we know who are safe are Rick and Carl, especially given the fact that Negan threatens to take out Carl’s other eye if anyone interrupts his ‘fun’.

That leaves us with Daryl, Aaron, Glenn, Abraham and Eugene.  Now Daryl has already been shot, and again, beating someone to death who is already hurt wouldn’t appeal to Negan’s audience. In addition, the shows audience has become really attached to Daryl and I can see a load of people switching off, so I think he’s safe.  I don’t think it would be Glenn because that’s already in the comic books, plus I would think that Maggie would react and wouldn’t care about what happened to herself in that moment.  Now if it is Glenn, I’m going to stop watching the show, because I like the character, and if he were to die, it would just be too depressing to watch.

So in my mind that only leaves Aaron, Abraham or Eugene.  Not a great deal was made of Aaron’s character in the final episode, so this is just a hunch, it leaves me with Abraham and Eugene.

With Abraham his character is getting all whimsical, and things are sort of turning out ok for him. We can’t have that now can we!  And with Eugene, he’s declared himself a “survivor”, which is just tempting fate.  In a particularly poignant moment Eugene and Abraham come to a mutual level of respect, and it’s in that moment I feel it’s something of a final farewell for one of them.  Especially since Eugene has given the recipe for bullets to Rick, and Sasha is just a Jonah when it comes to her partners dying.

But the final bit tells me it’s Abraham.  There’s only one guy who can take a hit to the head, and not black out instantly.  On top of that Negan says “Oh, taking it like a trooper”, and although I could be reading too much into that phrase, Abraham was a soldier.  Abraham is also the only character who wasn’t “pea-peeing” their pants.  If I was Negan, I would take out the biggest guy, or I would take out the leader.  Rick is safe, so I’m plumping for Abraham.  And that sucks because that character has really grown on me.

EDIT – The awesome Ant from Nintendolife has corrected me, Negan says “Champ” not “trooper”.  I still say it’s Abraham 😛



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