Chasing Dragons – Faction:Prologue EP


Chasing Dragons 1

We discovered Chasing Dragons a little while ago, had a great interview with them, and were bowled over by the supreme talents of vocalist, “Tank”.  When news broke that they had an EP in the pipeline, we put ourselves down in the queue to get a sneaky listen, and now finally, we’ve heard it, and it’s bloody fantastic.

“Devil In Her Eyes” opens up the EP with something of a classic metal melody line that you might find in Arch Enemy or Hammerfall, before we get a much more punchier guitar riff belting out.  “Tank” takes her time and right on cue delivers a staggering knockout vocal blow.  But it’s not always about the power, with Tank softening the delivery at the perfect time.  Just to emphasise that this band is full of awesome talent, guitarist Mitch Sadler delivers a great guitar solo.

“The Mutiny” is my personal favourite, and I suspect, is going to be everyone else’s too.  I have a simple test for a lot of new bands and songs and that is, if I hear it twice, and I can recall how it goes and can hum it after about an hour of listening to other music, then it’s a winner.  That especially holds true when I see support acts at live shows.  “The Mutiny” though is absolutely kick ass.

“Whitehorse” I see as a far more expansive track.  What I love about Tank’s vocals is that she doesn’t always take the easy route and doesn’t just follow the melody of a guitar.  The introduction is epic, and the guitar solo nicely illustrates how good this band really are.  With this EP under the belt they’ve shown what they’re capable of musically, and their debut full album on the basis of this is going to be brilliant.

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