The Dead XIII – Catacombs Review


Initially I thought the Jim Root signature guitar would be something of an indication of what to expect, Slipknot clones, but to my surprise, absolutely Knot (aw c’mon, gimme a break, it’s early). What you do get though is something that sits comfortably amongst the likes of White Zombie and GWAR with vocals similar to Machine Head. Their image has had some thought put into it too, which is a nice touch and no doubt will look great when they’re on larger stages. It’s very theatrical.

Most debut albums leave a lot to be desired, either in terms of naff recording quality or a band struggling to find itself and learning about the process, but “Catacombs” easily avoids all of that. It’s solid. “Frostbite” and “Apothesis” both use synths to good effect and will no doubt have listeners nodding their heads in approval, and it’s these two tracks for me personally that invites comparisons with the likes of White Zombie. There’s not quite the same level of punch, but then why should there be? If I want White Zombie I’ll pull Astro Creep off the shelf and put that on, but no, The Dead XIII have their own sound.

Warning – Flashing Lights in video

“The Greatest Mistake” has an introduction that you’d expect to hear on entering Madame Tussaud’s or some horrifying roller coaster experience that’s going to leave you battered and bruised. Wind blowing, the chimes of a church’s bells, demonic voices, it’s all there, before the guitars kick in. “XIII” is possessed with phased distortion guitars kicking in and as an intro is a very good choice of track and “Daemons” has a guitar riff that really wouldn’t be too amiss on a Disturbed album.

The Dead XIII have all the makings of a band destined for success and hopefully will do so, with Catacombs providing a solid foundation for the band to build upon.

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