Elasea – Time Is Against Us

Awesome news!  Elasea have just released the music video for the sublimely beautiful track, “Time Is Against Us”.  The single is a stripped back version of a track from their debut EP ‘Where I Belong’ (released in August 2015).

Liv from Elasea said:
“The song ‘Time Is Against Us’ is about getting older and running out of time to do things in your youth. When I started writing it I was thinking about quitting music as I didn’t want to end up in my late 20s playing the same level of shows we were playing then. (A room of about 6 people who couldn’t care less). 

That’s where the line – ‘time is against us’ came from! At the time I was made to feel that women in this genre had a time limit to be successful. I guess I still feel that to a certain degree, but there are a lot more women in bands SLAYIN’ now, so I just get on with it. 

The original version of this track is a lot heavier, possibly our heaviest track, so stripping it back like this was a bit of a test for us. 

Video wise we wanted something visually appealing, the rest of our videos have been full band so again this is quite different to our usual, but we absolutely love it!”


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