Elasea – Interview

Elasea are a four piece rock band from Hungerford, Berkshire. Their new EP is Due to release at the start of August. After changing the style of music they play they decided to change their name last August as it suited them better as the band developed. Their debut EP was released in 2013 since then they been doing various shows in various places along the way they have supported bands like WeCaughtTheCastle, Funeral For A Friend and Idiom and as they are noticed by more rock fans I am sure they will reach there goal of playing infront of thousands at a festival.

What influenced your choice of the name Elasea and your style of music?

The name choice was a long process! We spent so long coming up with ideas, then we just made up a word and went with it! Our style of music used to be slightly heavier, but I think we grew out of enjoying playing it live.

What has been your best moment as a band so far and have you always wanted to be in a band or did you have different career aspirations?

I think we’ve all wanted to be in a band as long as we can remember. Last year we played a hometown show at a really nice venue in Newbury, all our friends & family were there and it was just perfect! Also supporting Funeral For A Friend a couple of weeks ago was pretty important to us as we’re all big fans.

Where was your first gig like, and what have you learnt from that experience?

I think the first gig that was all 4 of us together was on a massive stage at a festival that had roughly 10-15 people there. It was probably our worst gig so I think we learnt a lot quite quickly!

Could you tell us a little about the themes on your EP?

The EP goes through tonnes of different themes, most of them are things I hope people can relate to. I don’t wanna give away too much because I want people to pick up the EP >:)

What was the toughest song to record on your EP and what made it so challenging?

Recording wise, I don’t think any of the songs were a particular challenge to record. We had them quite well rehearsed before we took them to the studio! But the hardest song to write was Lost In The Dark.

When do you plan on releasing an album? And do you think there’s less importance attached to album sales now compared to single sales?

We’d like to release an album towards the back end of 2016! I think people pay more attention to singles nowadays, but if I’m really into the singles released I’ll without a doubt pick up the album.

What made Calum and Jevon to leave Highly Personal and be part of Elasea?

No one left Highly Personal, we all used to be members of Highly Personal and just changed our name. It was time to grow up!

What is your goal as a band, (E.g. playing at Wembley, Festivals) and how would you define success for a band?

We all attend Reading Festival each year as it’s just down the road from us, so a slot on the main stage would be a lifelong dream come true! We just wanna keep growing as a band and working hard, hopefully this will take us onto bigger tours and bigger venues.

What is your opinion on Bring Me The Horizon’s new track?

We really like it! They are an amazing band. Each album has evolved and that’s what’s kept them so relevant for so long.

Interview by Mason

Web links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elaseauk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elaseauk
Bandcamp: https://elasea.bandcamp.com


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