Breaking news – Fizzgig to run for US Presidency


Donald Trump’s hairpiece, Fizzgig, has thrown his hat into the US Presidential race.  The washed up movie star, recently snubbed for the role of Sideshow Bob’s loofah in long running US animated comedy hit The Simpsons, had been laying low after a string of investments and ventures failed.  However, recently the rejuvenated star has had an epiphany and is quoted as saying:

“I finally realised, after all these years, soul searching, that I’ve already been playing a challenging role as a clown’s sidekick for all of this time.”


Fizzgig is planning on funding his late bid with a gokickstartcrowdfundme campaign, promising those who invest sums over $100 a plot of land in the Gelfling homelands reasoning “that if Donald can offer intangible arguments and promises then why the hell can’t I!?”.

We like Fizzgig, not because of being just plain offensive, but because he calls it how he sees it.

For those who are unaware of Fizzgig’s big break into the crazy world of Hollywood, here’s an excerpt from his first acting role.


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