The Walking Dead, No Man’s Land – Review

Ok, I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, but then who isn’t?  So when I found a free to play game on the Google Play store, I thought I’d give it a go.  Please note that this particular release is by “Next Games Oy” (A Finnish company) and not Telltale (although Telltale’s offerings are pretty awesome too).

The game starts off with you in a crate in Terminus. Now if you are watching the TV series and haven’t got through Season 5 yet, then there are spoilers. You have been warned.  The ever awesome Daryl breaks you and two others out (not Carol, aka Rambo), and after you’ve made good your escape, you set up a new camp.  Now like a lot of games, it’s the “build your base” scenario. You level buildings up, the higher the level, the more time they take to develop, farms for food, and so on.  Just like the TV show, you have to do “runs” to get goodies for the camp, and develop your band of survivors.

The runs themselves are turn based, allowing you to move your team, take shots at the walkers, or melee attack them with a variety of weapons from Baseball Bats to Screwdrivers.  Also, you’ll typically find three areas on the screen that flash a little to attract your attention, and it’s here you need to direct your team to so they can do some scavenging for goodies. Simples.

There’s also a sub “base” called an outpost which is where players can raid one another.  You station three of your survivors in it, customise it’s layout a little, and let the mayhem unfold.  Sadly you don’t get to see video footage of the scrap, but it is kind of satisfying when a player with higher levelled survivors utterly fails, bwuhahaha.  Sorry.  You also have “Guilds” too, with special guild challenges etc.  I’ve set mine up (WMD) and it all seems fairly straight forward.

Graphics wise, they aren’t too bad, and the sound is well done, sufficiently creepy in places, as you’d expect. The controls are straight forward and you can get by without making purchases, better yet, you don’t get pestered too often either which makes a nice change.  All in all, a nice little game that has stayed on my phone for quite a while now.


The little gold token things, they’re not so easy to come by, so be really really choosy on how you spend those if you want to avoid making in-app purchases.

Your team only has so much space so try to fill those slots with gold coloured (legendary), blue coloured (epic) and maybe, and I mean maybe at a push, green coloured characters (rare).

The radio tokens, try to save 15 up at a time and get the better quality survivors.

In your outpost you can recruit more “walkers”, and you can level them up, I suggest you do both.

You can download the game here –


Content Rating: PEGI 12

Well, surprisingly, not as much as I thought it might ask for, needing:

In-app purchases

Photos / Media / Files
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
read the contents of your USB storage

modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
read the contents of your USB storage

record audio

Wi-Fi connection information
view Wi-Fi connections

receive data from Internet
full network access
Google Play licence check
view network connections
prevent device from sleeping
run at startup


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