Servant Sun – Hundred Waves

Servant Sun are a five piece metal / rock band from Glasgow, and their latest EP, Hundred Waves is making, well, erm, waves?  The band features the awesome talents of vocalist Andrew Macdonald, Ronald O’Kane and Colin Nicol on guitars, Will Keogh on Bass and drummer Will O’Brien.

Hundred Waves is the opening track that the EP takes its name from and it’s a fascinating insight into a band that have a dazzling array of talents.  Although labelling themselves as metal / rock, there’s a lack of big hair, ridiculous attitudes and over the top screaming.  Instead the vocals are far more melodic and restrained, whilst the guitars carry nice hooks that carry you away in the swell as opposed to battering you against the rocks.  It’s also great to hear the slight hint of Scottish accents here and there as opposed to trying to mimic the sound across the Atlantic.

Misgiver has galloping guitar work from O’Kane and Nicol whilst Macdonald doesn’t let it go out of control with his vocals. It’s a nice blend that works particularly well for Servant Suns.

Taste Of Silver is just unbelievably massive, swallowing the listener, taking the pace of the EP back a notch or two and stripping back the sound a little guitar wise, before stepping it up gradually.  In this track Macdonald’s vocals are particularly effective with him shifting the dynamics and sound of the song with ease.  Cold House Collapse is perhaps a little bit more raw at the start before entering a flurry of guitar work.

It’s a great EP from Servant Sun that will hopefully get more people going along to their shows to catch them live.

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