Do the achievements of Leicester City match those of Nottingham Forest?

This has to be one of the most ridiculous questions or suggestions of late.  Let’s take a look at the records shall we:

Nottingham Forest promoted to First Division: 1976–77
Win the English First Division Championship : 1977 – 78
Win the European Cup : 1978–79
Win the European Cup : 1979–80
We won’t talk about what happened in 1983–84

Leicester City promoted to Premiership : April 2014
Hopefully will win 2015–16 Premier League season

I should disclose, yes I am a Nottingham Forest fan, but before everyone throws their toys out of their prams, take a look at that last line, “Hopefully will win 2015-16 Premier League”.  That’s right, a reds fan who hopes that the Foxes actually win the league.  Why? Because I am fed up of seeing London, Manchester and Liverpool win pretty much everything. I want to see a Premier League with Leicester City, Nottingham Forest and Derby County in it.  Admittedly yes, I would want to see the rams tantalisingly lingering over the relegation zone at the end of every season, but at the end of the day, I want to see the East Midlands back in it.

The other part of the story is Jamie Vardy.  Where was he in 2010?  Halifax. And now he’s playing for England.  Actually not just playing for England, but scoring. That goal against Germany, absolute class.  His story provides hope not just for clubs like Nottingham Forest, Derby County, but all the other championship teams that there is still real awesome talent out there waiting to be discovered.  Take a look at Michael Antonio, formerly of Nottingham Forest, now at West Ham, he is shaping up to be a good addition to the England squad too. It also gives hope to the players in lower leagues that they too, if they have the talent and work hard enough, have a shot at being discovered.

Ok, so back to the original question / statement regarding the achievements of the current Leicester City team matching those of Clough’s Nottingham Forest? No.  The world of football has changed so much I can’t see a team ever achieving what Nottingham Forest did.  They would have to win this season, and then win the European cup twice straight off the bat, back to back.  You can say that teams like Man Utd have won the cup back to back, but remind me again when Man Utd were promoted from the second tier of football?  But even if the achievements of The Foxes can’t match up statistically it doesn’t diminish what they’ve done so far.

Wes Morgan perhaps had the best idea when he said Leicester City will “write our own legacy”, not better, the same as, or not as impressive as Nottingham Forest, not worse than Man Utd, not like Arsenal, but their own.  This team have come out of nowhere and could win it, so let’s just enjoy the spectacle of it, let Jamie Vardy and co entertain us, let the Foxes stick it to the Man Utd’s, Man City’s and Chelsea’s of the league and in a couple of seasons time, hopefully they can make some marks in the history books to come.


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