Hannah Spearritt – Interview

Slightly older people will remember Hannah from S Club 7, where as many more will know her as Abby Maitland from Primeval. Getting to Hannah was difficult at the London Film and Comic Con, and it typically is at any event given her popularity. She’s always happy to chat, and you’ll find plenty of photos on the internet where she’s just joined in the fun (recently sporting a pair of fluffy ears). A long line of her fans were quite frankly brilliant in waiting patiently while we quickly chatted to her.

So firstly, how’s the London Film and Comic Con going for you?

Conference is going very well, I’ve done a few of these before so I’m quite used to it, I think.

A fairly nice and quiet start to it?

Yeah I guess so. I think when you’re here it’s difficult. You probably get a much better feel of it when you’re out there as opposed to me being behind here! I mean there’s been quite a few people through the doors, and it’s been busy for me which I’ve enjoyed. It’s been a lovely day meeting everybody, and there have been a lot of people here!

Abby Maitland in Primeval, what’s it like working with that level of CGI?

Really really strange! When I first started I had absolutely no idea what I was doing having never ever done it before, and then as time went on you kind of get used to it, pretending that there’s something there, that isn’t. The hardest bits for me personally were the interactions with Rex, and there’s a lot of that. The stuff that’s further away that’s big is kind of easier, the stuff up close, I was really c*** at it (laughs)

You have done quite a variety of roles, is there anything specifically you look for in you characters?

For my next part I just look for something that excites me and challenges me. A character that I can bring something to. One Man, Two Guvnors was a comedy, but I suppose I haven’t done comedy on TV yet, so that would kind of be an area that I’d like to get into.

How about Game of Thrones as something completely at a tangent to that?

Oh, that would be great! Yeah, I’d love that! I certainly wouldn’t say no to Game of Thrones no!

Did you actually go for any of the roles?

I actually haven’t no, but now that you’ve said that, maybe I should get my agent on that!

Have you considered in restarting your musical career too?

Well, I’ve always wanted to act. So even though I love the singing, and I loved being in a band. Before I got into the band I had an agent. So my path really lies with acting. I also just feel more comfortable acting. Singing makes me a bit nervous actually! I do love it though. Now, if I was a better singer I would probably want to sing, but unfortunately I wasn’t born with those vocal chords!

Hannah you’ve been great, thanks for your time!

You’re welcome!

We were a little taken a back with just how open she is with everything and genuinely surprised at her comments regarding her singing. So we’re hoping that any projects such as “Primeval the musical” haven’t been inadvertently scuttled! But, given her fundraising efforts, business interests and acting roles we’re sure she’ll still remain very busy! It would have been nice to have quizzed Hannah some more but her fans had been remarkably patient as it was! A big thank you to Hannah, her fans, and the Showmasters team who as ever were brilliant.


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