Nick Blood – Interview

The awesome, the one and only, Mr Nick Blood from Marvel’s Agents of Shield!

You’re in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Am I? (looks suprised).

Yes, you are!

Ok, good, what else? How old am I?


Ok, I’ll take that. I’ll take 20! How tall am I?

(gestures ‘that big’)

Good answer!

What is it about your character that you really like and is he anything like you in real life?

He’s probably a bit more chilled out than I am, he’s a bit more laid back than I am. He drinks more beer than I do. He’s a lot harder than I am; I think most of the stuff he comes across, I would just run for it. But then he’s quite, he can be quite serious at times. How else is he different… he’s got a different name and he wears different clothes to me!

How do you find balancing being very chilled out and very on the ball at the same time?

On set? I just go with whatever they tell me to do in the script. I just follow that and then I don’t have to worry about it too much.


Are there any scenes that you’ve really enjoyed doing?

I loved doing… when I got kidnapped and I was in the back of the trunk and Talbot takes me out and dumps me on the ground, and when we went up in a helicopter. That was probably one of the most fun things because I’ve never been up in a helicopter before, and we weren’t actually meant to go up in it. The way they shot. all they needed was the helicopter taking off and landing, which we didn’t need to be in it for. And then the scene that we did in it we just did on the ground but with the cameras outside it. But when it took off I was like ‘you’re not getting me out of this helicopter, I’m staying in this helicopter’. The guy who flies the helicopter does Michael Bay’s stuff so he’s the top, top guy, so we were going through the mountains – you know when it dips down like that? It was amazing. That was really good fun.

I really enjoyed doing the last two episodes as well, it kind of ups the ante and it was all dramatic. It was really good doing stuff with Clark and Ian (who play Coulson and Fitz). We had good fun doing that, I love doing stuff with Fitz, Ian’s like my best friend now.

Were you a fan of comic books when you were younger?

Not so much the Marvel superhero stuff because when I was younger they weren’t as big as they are now. And you couldn’t really get them – you’d have to go into London to get those comic books so it was just things like The Beano and Dandy and stuff like that, but not superhero stuff. That sort of came later.

Did that love of comic books influence you even though you didn’t read the superhero stuff.

You mean influence me to be…

To choose those roles

I think the fact that Marvel’s such a kind of huge institution, that’s massively attractive and the films are so dominant in the film world.

Is there going to be a Bobbi and Hunter Spinoff?

I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Marvel, I don’t know

Someone said earlier that probably…

There was some talk of it. I don’t know, They’ve always got tricks up their sleeve

What about an Inhuman spin-off?

Yeah – you know they’re doing an Inhuman film?

Are they?

Yeah, they announced that they’re doing it, I don’t know how many years down the line. I don’t know how it will work, but apparently that’s going to be one of the new films they do.

Will you be in that?

No idea! You should be my agent!

You’ve just moved over to LA, how’s that going for you adjusting?

Yeah it’s good – the weather’s amazing!

Better than here?

(nods) Yep, yeah, there’s the beach right there, there’s the mountains right there, there’s San Francisco nearby, Malibu. The best thing about LA is that it’s in California, and California’s beautiful.

Are you able to get in on the music scene? You were in a band weren’t you?

No, I used to manage a band but I did also start to try to learn bass for a play I did, but I’ve got a mate who’s just moved out there who was in a band here so he might do something, we’ll see.

Are you going to play the music you like if you form a band?

It’d probably be written by him, but we like the same sort of music.

Last question, From Callum actually. Marvel TV or DC TV?

What do you think? (laughs). If I was to say the other one then all of the Marvel police would come and take me out so…

S.H.I.E.L.D. would come and take you away

…so I wouldn’t be seen again in S.H.I.E.L.D.


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