Christine Adams – Interview

Christine Adams

Christine Adams is a superb actress from London, now living in Los Angeles. A lot of people will recognise her from Terra Nova and Dr Who, but more recently her work on Marvel’s Agents of Shield as Agent Weaver has seen her on UK TV screens.

Rather oddly Christine always seems to land the roles of very serious characters and yet in real life always comes across almost as a polar opposite, instead being quite a happy positive person who’s happy to chat and have a laugh with people.

We managed to chat to her at this years Collectormania event in Milton Keynes courtesy of Showmasters.

So, Agent Weaver in Marvel’s Agents of Shield, fantastic role, how did you get the role and where were you when you found out about it?

Well, I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 13 years anyway, being a working actor, and actually, the woman who you know, actually cast me for it, she’s English too. You’ll notice that there are a lot of English actors in the show, she tends to bring in the actors that she knows and then Maurissa and Jed who actually write the show, I’ve known the from around the circuit, and they worked on a show called Dollhouse a few years ago and she kept saying “I really want to involve you with the show” but they didn’t know how the story was going to evolve so you know, it’s hard to know where the characters were going to fit in. The first season I did a couple and then they ended bringing me back and it sort of continued. So I’m really happy, but I honestly don’t know week to week whther I’m going to be alive or dead!

I’ve heard that Clark likes to wind others up by going “ooh, shame about your character”.


Is this true?

Yeah, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of sort of saying things like “oh, you’re still alive then? We heard you weren’t going to make it”. There’s a lot of that between the actors, but we honestly don’t know. If actors are going to get picked off, they’re maybe, you know, maybe told a few days before, it won’t be this week. But I’m just happy to still be alive but I don’t know what’s going to happen!

OK next question, slightly tenuous question, but it seems that Sci Fi and Fantasy lead the way in black characters at the moment. Initially, I don’t think he did it on purpose, but he wrote predominantly about white male heroes.


But now that’s changed quite a lot thankfully and do you think it’s been a long time coming?

Yeah, I’m sort of happy, obviously from my point of view I’m happy to see black people’s faces on the screen. I think the thing about Sci-Fi though that is so special is that you’re creating worlds, so really, you know, you could be dead, you could be alive, it doesn’t really matter you know because we’re not in the realms of reality so I think that’s the exciting thing. What I want to see is, I want to see more black females front and centre playing super heroes or super heroines, what there needs to be, i think there needs to be the equivalent of say, an Ironman, an amazing, strong, powerful, black, I think that would be great. But yeah I’d be really happy to see that.

But not alternatives, like Spider Woman or Bat Woman.

Exactly, make their own thing.

Jessica Jones?


Jessica Jones the upcoming Netflix series.

Jessica Jones? I haven’t seen it.

It’s not out yet, I think it’s out next year scheduled for release.

Is it Marvel?


Right, I’ll have to keep my ears peeled, my eyes peeled.

He’s a huge fan of Marvel

Right, you know it all! Do you follow it all?

Yeah, pretty much!

Do you know there’s going to be a spinoff from Agents of Shield?

I’ve heard that there are several that they’ve looked at, and some have been dropped, I don’t know which ones they’re keeping.

As far as I know, Hunter, Nick who plays Hunter, and Adrianne who plays Bobbi, they’re going to have their own show.

I’ve heard a few rumours around that, but

I think that’s sort of official? I just don’t know. It feels to me that they’re more of the action part of the Agents of Shield. There would sort of be the science division, and there will be more sort of action. As far as I know that is happening.

Another question, when you spend a lot of time around people, friends and so on, you can pick up some of their mannerisms. Have you found that you’ve picked up any from the other cast members from Agents of Shield?

No, not so much. We have lots of fun, it’s a really fun cast, we have really good times together. Not so much, although I do say that I feel that my character is always really serious. Going into season 3 I would really like to see her smile just a little bit more!

Ok, corpsing, who’s the worst for it? Are you allowed to say?

Well the naughtiest one is definitely Chloe Bennet, she is always doing pranks, tricks, she’s always got her fart machine, and she often, when we do our read through she’ll be pressing that fart machine throughout the thin, so yeah, she’s actually the naughtiest! She does the pranks.

What about you?

No! You’ve seen I’m serious I am, I can’t do the pranks!

Really!? I’ve seen interviews with you before and you’re always happy and smiling!

Yeah, no, totally! I always play quite serious characters.

Actually, talking about that, last questions, have you ever used one of your characters persona’s in a real life situation?

No, I can’t say that I’ve ever used one of my characters to get what I wanted but maybe, you never know, one day!


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