Future Talk – Interview

Future Talk are a 5 piece Alt Rock band from Gloucestershire. Their talent is currently being touted on Kerrang radio, and it’s easy to see why. The band have a huge amount of potential, and their real life relatable songs are gaining them fans.

Their EP, “The Path That Sadness Paved” was released on the 24th August 2015, and from that “Sleeping Pills” was their first single release. We chatted to them about their new EP, the excitement around it in the run up to it’s release and more.

Can you tell us a little about yourselves and how the band formed?

We formed in the early stages of 2014 having all been in past projects together over the years. It was all about mixing and matching the right members for the current sound.

Your EP, ‘The Path That Sadness Paved’, was released on the 24th August, how did you cope with the excitement and anticipation?

I can tell you that the anticipation was quite overwhelming. Putting out new music is always a nerve-wracking thing but these songs are a lot more honest than anything we’ve put out before so it heightened the anticipation slightly. Now that it’s out we’re just waiting to see the general reaction of the listeners.

Could you tell us a little about the songs on “The Path That Sadness Paved”?

The EP is a journey through a very personal struggle with sadness, so each song represents a different aspect of that. Sleeping Pills depicts the internal tug of war regarding your own mortality using sleep and consciousness as a metaphor for life and death.

Shadow Poet is all about the people that make you feel like you failed because you didn’t live up to their expectations, when they themselves sacrificed their own identity for the sake of conforming.

The Cliffs As A Reminder is probably the most candid song of the EP. It’s about the affects indulging your own sadness has on your loved ones and was written as an apology/thank you to somebody for sticking around through that.

The EP’s final song, Fear Life, concludes the journey by detailing the desperation and confusion you feel at your lowest point, before ultimately finding a way out at the most crucial time. There are some frighteningly honest lines in this song.

The video for Sleeping Pills looks absolutely fantastic, what were you reactions when you saw the completed piece and did it reflect accurately your ideas of what you wanted it to be like?

All of the credit has to go to the guys in Rolling Vision. We were absolutely blown away when we first saw the final cut, they really pulled it out of the bag for us. Hopefully there will be many more to come in the future!

You’ve been getting airplay on Kerrang which is great news, does it ever seem a bit surreal when you hear yourselves on the Radio?

Honestly, it’s something that I don’t think we could ever get used to. Hearing Alex Baker talk so enthusiastically about our music was so surreal as we grew up finding new bands to listen to through his show.

Which shows for you have been the most memorable either in terms of audience reaction, or things going a bit pear shaped?

The first handful of shows we played as a band were quite tame in terms of our performance. Probably because we’d been out of the live game for so long and the music we’d written wasn’t quite what we were aiming to so we didn’t feel comfortable live. Our first shows playing the material from TPTSP changed that completely, we finally felt like ourselves again and since then we’ve loved playing live.

What have been the best “lessons” that you’ve learned with “Future Talk”?

The biggest lesson that we’ve learned would have to be not to put out anything that you don’t believe in fully. Our first releases were somewhat botched and I think that showed to the listeners. Every song on TPTSP is special to us and I think that will show when everyone hears them.

For years Rock, Punk and all the genres that are derived from them haven’t got a lot of airplay on mainstream radio such as BBC Radio 1, until now. Finally we have bands like Lower Than Atlantis and Mallory Knox on there, why do you think that is?

It’s great to see rock music in the mainstream as it gives us hope that we won’t be overlooked. I think the reason for the genre’s current success would be the power of social media. Alternative music fans are very passionate about what they listen to and are very good at letting the world know, so when radio stations are receiving thousands of messages a day about new rock music, they can’t really ignore it.

Are you self-taught musicians or have you had formal training?

Jay, Alex and Max are all self-taught, Jack & Mitch have had some form of formal training.

Gear question, what do you use now, and what would you like to have and why?

Jay uses a Fender Telecaster 72 Deluxe & Jack uses an LTD eclipse. Amp-wise we both run through a Blackstar series one 1046L6. We’ve both said that we’d love to own a Gibson Les Paul so I’ll have to go with that!

Web Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/futuretalkband
Instagram – https://instagram.com/futuretalkband/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/futuretalkband


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