OVER – Interview

5 piece Italian Alternative Punk Rockers, OVER,  released their debut album, ‘Is This Growing Up?’, worldwide last year, and having listened to their single “The Promise” beforehand, we’re hoping that they do well.

‘Is This Growing Up?’, captures the new mature sound of, OVER, distinguishing the different sounds that range from pop-rock too post-hardcore and scream. The album is packed with catchy melodic lines, which includes harder and incisive sounds expressed by the guitars distortion and screams. The story behind the music takes you on a journey of discovering yourself and how growing up leads you down a path of life that becomes more challenging and harder through each stage, and when looking back, how things were taken for granted, as they were easier to do and you had a carefree spirit. Fronted by female vocalist, Linda Battilani, who’s strong vocals drive the album forward, expressing passion and emotion throughout. Is This Growing Up?, is a roller coaster of music, with its even balance of upbeat-on your feet tracks and inspired, strip back ballad style of sound.

You’re scheduled to tour the UK very soon, how’s the planning coming along for that and how excited are you to coming to see us soon?

We are stoked! Of course at the same time we are a bit worried to face and meet a new and “unknown” audience. The planning’s coming fine; our show will reach cities such as London, Southampton, Dundee, Glasgow and many more. We’ll announce the complete tour schedule in few days, so stay tuned!

You have a new album out, “Is This Growing Up”, which sounds terrific, can you tell us a little about the main themes of the album and what inspired you to write about them?

We’d thought a lot about the album’s title but in the end we assumed that “Is This Growing Up?” was fitting the best because with that name we could express two different interpretations that explain the album lyrics and our situation as a band. The first regards, as said before, the reoccurring theme of the lyrics, that speaks of asking oneself if the more we go on with life and it’s journey that the harder and more tiring it gets. Looking back, everything seemed so much easier when we were young and carefree. Growing up, we are faced with ongoing responsibilities, and the walk ahead of us seems ever the more fearsome. The second instead, regards each member of the band’s maturation musically in respect to our past works.

Great video for “The Promise”, who came up with the idea for the video, and who did you work with on that?

We worked with Beppe Platania, an italian video maker and owner of the label “This Is Core”. The idea came up from Linda who searched for the right location. In the end she found this amazing bridge in Liguria (Italy) and obtained the permission to shoot the video there. That place is a piece of paradise, we hope to come back there again one day.

Forgive me, I’m not too familiar with the Italian music scene, so, just how much is there of a pop / punk scene in Italy?

Linda: Not much, actually. Playing in an alternative – underground band in Italy means struggling. Nowadays just talent shows here have the public approval and follow (and this means just popular Italian music. No English, no alternative music). That’s a shame because for underground bands it’s really hard to emerge and being noticed even if they have talent.

Has there been pressure to sing in English, or was it just a common sense decision to do that to appeal to a wider audience?

No, absolutely no pressure from anyone. Some people that are not in the alternative scene (and of course they probably can’t speak English) keep asking us “Why don’t you sing in Italian?” This is becoming a bit annoying to me. I sing in English because I love it. Singing in Italian wound mean “ruin” the musicality of the song. And let’s be honest: this genre in Italian would be horrible! And of course, yes, we want to appeal to a wider audience.

Can you tell us how the band came together?

There isn’t a specific day in which we met. Before the OVER was born we had complete different lives, but thanks to the band and the common passion for the music we’ve become friends. It’s thanks to Linda’s determination to play music if today we are a band.

Who have been your main musical inspiration?

Linda: I have to admit that when I was 15, Paramore has been such an inspiration to me and gave me strength to dream and to believe that one day I could have had my own band and my own project. Even if now I don’t appreciate their music that much as I used to, although I’ll always be grateful to that band for this. I also care to specify that this doesn’t mean that we sound like Paramore and that each female fronted band wants to be and sound like Paramore: that’s a pretty annoying cliché! We LOVE to have our own identity!

What so far has been the biggest challenge the band has faced and how did you overcome it?

Generally speaking, it’s really hard to keep each band members always happy and satisfied because of the many sacrifices that requires being part of an active band like ours. Despite this, we are really determined to reach our purpose by keep on working together and we can tell we’ve reached this result even thanks to this.

What has been the best bit of advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

“Live without expectations”. If you’re able to do it you won’t be disappointed if something will not happen but at the same time, if it happens, you will be happier.

Web Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OVERtheband
Twitter – https://twitter.com/overtheband
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/officialoverband/
Bandcamp – http://overtheband.bandcamp.com/releases
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialOverChannel


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