Lost Atlanta – Interview

Lost Atlanta

Lost Atlanta have just released their awesome new EP “Alive”, and it’s a belter. Hailing from Manchester, this post-hardcore quintet have now built on their promising debut and have delivered a terrific hammer blow of a follow up. Lost Atlanta are writing songs that mean something as opposed to just going through the motions, and as a result it’s no surprise that their audience are really connecting with them.

The band were kind enough to answer some questions about “Alive” and their most recent tour.

Your new EP ‘Alive’ is out now, how much did the anticipation build up prior to that release, and is it a relief to see it having positive responses?

We finished the recording in early June. So we have been sitting on this for quite a while. The response we have got so far has been awesome. We are just glad people like the EP as much as we do.

Could you tell us a little about the tracks on ‘Alive’ and what they mean to you?

Well the the first track and our latest single ‘Alive’, is a song about my brothers who passed away. Ever since they have left I always feel a immense weight of pressure to be a better son and person. I have done a lot of stupid things in my life and this song is just a reminder of how much I miss them. ‘Distractions’ is a song about something on a larger scale. It’s about how people are criticised for their beliefs. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you believe in, even if it’s not scientifically possible. It only matters how that belief makes you feel and if it’s happiness then who cares? ‘Into the grey’ is about a town that contains people and friends who are happy with the same 9-5 life. It’s good if it makes you happy, but a lot of people are out there who decide to live this way and sometimes you get dragged into those groups and lose all motivation. ‘Losing sight’ has the kind of similar vibe but it’s about people who intentionally try and put doubt into your dreams. And lastly ‘These Words’ is about being in a relationship that unfortunately ended. You thought you made the right decision about ending it, but you quickly realise you made the wrong decision.

Gigsoup did a review of the EP and compared you to the likes Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice and Men. How much of a compliment is that for you?

That is a massive compliment for us, especially being compared to the likes of Bring Me The Horizon. Those are two bands we have listened to for years. It’s a dream of ours to emulate what they have done, and even more, who knows.

You had Tim Henson of Polyphia on board for ‘Into The Grey’, how did that come about and for you how much of an impact did he have on that song?

Well we are all big Polyphia fans and luckily we came across their kickstarter campaign to help fund their latest album. The band was offering their services for guest spots for other bands. As soon as we got the solo back from Tim we knew that ‘Into The Grey’ had to be released as soon as possible. We are very lucky to have the solo on there because it’s helped gain us a wider range of fans.

The video for the single ‘Alive’ looks great. The setting looked like an abandoned church, where did you shoot it and who did you work with on it? When you saw the finished video, what were your reactions?

We shot the video at Antwerp mansion in Manchester. It was a perfect setting for what we wanted to achieve in the video – that sense of loss and abandonment. Luckily our bassist Rob is not only a dab hand at playing bass but he also shoots videos. So it was a lot cheaper and easier to use him. Plus we had our manager Marianne Harris who is a very well known photographer come and help out with filming. All of us are extremely happy with how the video came out…apart from Rob, who must have watched it a million times throughout editing. We gave him a pizza for his troubles, that normally cheers him up!

You recently completed a tour – what were the most memorable moments for you?

Well first off the whole tour was really fun. Just being able to hang around with your best friends and play shows every night is a blessing. The Breathe In The Silence boys are all a laugh and smashed it every night. We played our first gig in Edinburgh and it went down a storm. The people up there really care about the local music scene, which is something we feel is dying here in England, so it was good to see that. We finished the tour on a massive show at Butserfest festival. We went down extremely well and we met a lot of new people so overall it was a great tour. We are just itching to get back on the road now!

And what things didn’t quite go according to plan on the tour?

Unfortunately we had our Glasgow gig cancelled on the day, which was a shame. It would have been nice to play in Glasgow considering how good the Edinburgh crowd was. Apart from that everything else ran smoothly.

You’re obviously very happy to sign with Ghost Records, but what do you think will be the biggest positive change for you in doing that?

We are extremely pleased to have signed with Ghost Records. It’s good to know that we have the backing from a well known and respected label such as them. And in doing that we think it has shown the industry we are very serious about what we do. Apart from the EP release this has been a massive thing for us this year.

Web Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LostAtlanta
Website – http://www.lostatlanta.com/


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