Nana Visitor – Interview

When you look at Nana Visitor’s list of film credits it strikes you just how varied her work is, and is a testament to her acting ability. Perhaps more widely known for Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s, Kira Nerys, Nana has also been in Knight Rider, Dark Angel, CSI, Battlestar Galactica, Family Guy and a while host of other hit TV series. We asked Nana at the London Film and Comic Con if she would be happy to chat with us, and despite a very long plane flight, gave us an emphatic yes!

So, welcome to Showmaster’s London Film and Comic Con, how is it for you?

You know what, it’s fantastic on two levels. One is backstage where I get to see people that I see maybe once every two years, or maybe once a year, and they’re dear friends. So it’s something of a fantastic get together! And I get to, and especially in England, I have to say there is a certain feeling with fans from different countries, and the English fans are some of my favourite. They’re friendly and open, and comfortable. It’s always good to be here. But the venue is always strange to me! (laughs) It’s like we’re in an airplane hanger, other then that, it’s all good!

Do you ever find that there are some fans who maybe have strange expectations of you?

Do you know what I’ve found? When people come to get a photo like this (points at one of the photos arranged before her on the desk) in this kind of situation, they see me. And, they want me to see them, and to tell me something about themselves. So it’s a relationship, and I do a lot more listening then I do talking.

Argh, don’t say that! It’ll make this the most awkward interview ever!

(Laughs) Ok, I promise to talk some too!

What did playing the character of Kira Nerys mean to you personally?

It was something of a game changer for me. It was an important and emotionally packed time of my life. Seven years is a long time to know people! We became, for me, it was like being in a tribe. A tribe that I absolutely was devoted to and I loved it.

We interviewed Torri Higginson a little while ago (Stargate Atlantis), and she said that being an actress in a series like Stargate or Star Trek, you had the best of both worlds. Celebrity at events like this, but could live her life in peace too. Does that also apply to you?

You know what, I find people who watch Star Trek are very thoughtful, smart and I have never been bothered by anybody. Never. Do you have “Best Buys” here in the UK?

We have similar yes

Right. And they have like the “Geek Squad”. Those are my men! I’ve got those men. (laughs)

Ok and finally, what is going on in your life at the moment?

Well, I’ve just moved back to New York City. I’m thinking I want to do some theatre. But my main focus has been getting my boys through High School. My eldest boy is a marine, stationed in Okinawa now, thank God. He went to Afghanistan last year. And Django is 16 and doing fantastically and once he’s out of the house, I’ll probably do theatre again.

Thank you so much for your time.

You are so welcome!

Nana was terrific and we’re grateful that she took time out to talk to us. We certainly wish her well in her future endeavours, be it theatre or TV/Film.


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