Nicole de Boer – Interview

Nicole de Boer

We were going to video the interview with Nicole, but London Film and Comic Con was so packed, it would have been extremely difficult to do. It’s a shame because Nicole is always great to talk to and full of energy. Since Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine series Nicole has kept busy doing films, and the far more important role of being a mum, so how she stays so energetic is beyond us. Whatever it is, we’d like to bottle and sell it. Probably far more valuable than unobtanium!

How was it for you working on Star Trek Deep Space Nine and have you missed it?

Well yes, I definitely miss it. I would love it if there was another show, another Star Trek show to jump on right now. I would raise my hand right away for sure! It was an amazing experience, I mean I was kind of a fan myself. I watched “The Next Generation” and loved it, so I was pretty thrilled arrive on the Paramount lot and be on the sets.

As you sort of said, at the moment we don’t have a Star Trek series on TV, just wondered why you think that might be the case?

I think it’s kind of good in a way because it’s nice to take a little break. If it were constantly on TV, it just wouldn’t be special when or if it does come back now would it? So, I think that anytime soon someone will be thinking about doing another show, because I think people really have been missing it. You have to have a break to get the momentum and excitement about it again, and by then I should be ready to be Captain! So I think it’s fabulous.

Sci Fi and Fantasy have always had the opportunity to push boundaries, be it a female Captain, the first inter-racial on screen kiss on mainstream TV, what are your thoughts on that?

Sure, Sci-Fi has always been on the edge, that’s the whole point, it’s always been ahead. And Sci-Fi writers have always been ahead of the rest of the world. I think there’s still room, we could do with more gay characters perhaps. We have the very asexual characters, but in a more prominent role. So something like that would be good too.

With things like Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek it seems the small screen is doing much better than the larger screen, would you agree with that and why do you think that is?

Oh definitely, it’s because TV has opened up so many avenues with all the paid channels now and to do everything that you want to do, so you can have your swearwords, your nudity, and all of that. And the writers are able to get in depth and do serial which is great because you know there was a time when serial was frowned upon in TV, and that’s what made Deep Space Nine a bit different, they weren’t all stand-alone episodes, and some people didn’t like that, and some of the networks didn’t like that! The same on the Dead Zone, we tried to have a serial story but we’d always get pressure from the network to make sure we did lots of stand-alone episodes too because they were worried that they might lose viewership if they couldn’t follow what was going on. But you see, that’s the opposite now with binge watching and all of that! Everything is serial, everything is about sitting down and watching the whole series over the weekend! And Deep Space Nine was one of the first series to really do that.

Acting is a challenging career as it is, but how hard is it to balance being an actor with family life?

Yeah, it’s definitely challenging, from everything to just going to an audition as they can take up a couple of days, you know, working on material and then getting ready for the next morning and you just get thrown into auditions a day before sometimes too, and you’ve got your family obligations. It’s definitely harder than it used to be to get myself ready for an audition, and then the work itself, I haven’t done a series really since I’ve had my daughter and I’m actually kind of grateful as I didn’t want to because I wouldn’t have been around to see her grow up, and that’s really important to me. The hours are so long, but now that she’s a bit older I think I’m ready to work. I wanted to make sure I was there for her in her formative years. That’s why I’ve done more TV movies, they’re just shorter things, because it’s very difficult. Moneywise it’s good to have that comfort, so yeah, I’m about ready to do a series again at this point.


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