Chris Judge – Interview

At the London Film and Comic Con, I, The Junction’s resident Stargate geek caught up with Chris Judge who played Teal’c in the hit series. He also has a part in The Dark Knight Rises, which I forgot to ask about, but when you’re in the presence of Chris, on the spot, it’s easy to forget things, but I did ask him about his charity work:

Abz: So you’ve obviously done a lot of work in the sci-fi genre,

Chris: Yeah.

Abz: I was just wondering is there like a family in the genre that go from like, Stargate to Star Trek and then onto Dr Who and stuff? Does that happen or –

Chris: Oh, sure. I mean. What it was, was that there were a lot of shows filmed in Vancouver that we all got to go into together we all ran into each other we all became friends and all kind of stuff – So yeah sci-fi is all very ancestral. But we do like to have cross over from other shows. It’s just fun for us because we want to do sci-fi shows. We have people we admire their work or whatever and we like to work with them.

Abz: Do you ever find that working with people you know helps with bonding the characters together in the show as well?

Chris: Oh absolutely, absolutely. I mean there, ah, initially there’s a level of trust generally, but also it translates when people actually care about each other and then play people who care about each other if you know what I mean. So I think one of the great things about Stargate was not only our chemistry on screen, but also off as well.

Abz: So having that chemistry does it, sort of, make it harder to be angry another person’s character or does it make it an awful lot easier?

Chris: Errm – No it doesn’t make it any harder I mean it’s you know our job to be able to create those emotions so no I wouldn’t say it made it any harder, no.

Abz: You do a lot of work with the “Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada”. Can you tell us about those?

Chris: Well actually I started with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It’s basically just going down to those clubs and spending time letting these kids know we care about them

Abz: Yeah.

Chris: You know, it’s great because they give a lot of time and support for those kids, a lot of single parent kids a place to go where they feel they can be a part of something positive. So the whole organisation is great.

Abz: So you get to see these young people grow into better people and go onto different opportunities. Is that very rewarding for you, personally?

Chris: Oh, absolutely. I mean, um, one of the things I’ve always been about is children and I’m fortunate to have quite a few of my own [huge, proud smile, chuckle] I really think that every child should have the opportunity to be great. It’s up to us as adults to foster that, to give them every opportunity and every level of support that we can so they can be everything that they can be.

Abz: You’ve spoken about everyone having equal opportunities. Is it about giving everyone the same opportunity or about giving them the opportunity they need to get to where they want to be?

Chris: Absolutely. When you say giving everyone the same opportunity it’s about giving everyone the same opportunity to be great.

Abz: Yeah.

Chris: Definitely, definitely believe that whether they want to become a plasterer or lawyer every kid should have the same opportunity.

Abz: That’s absolutely great! Thank you for your time!

Chris: Thank you!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to both Chris and the super patient fans who were waiting to have photo’s signed. There are actors, then there are actors who go the extra mile, who despite being tired, despite being under pressure, still take time out to answer interviews and treats every fan almost as a friend. Chris is certainly one of those guys. The only thing is that we’re now very confused, because Chris didn’t stop smiling during the whole convention, and it’s a lovely honest smile, and yet, we can’t ever remember Teal’c cracking one of those smiles!


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