Chasing Dragons – Interview

Chasing Dragons

Chasing Dragons are yet another utterly fantastic discovery for us here at The Junction. The guitar riffs are as punchy as hell, and then when the vocals let rip everything is taken to another level.  The Leeds quartet have got a brand new EP, Faction:Prologue, set for release on the 29th of March.  For me personally, the vocals of “Tank” actually reminded me a little of a band from the 80’s called Phantom Blue who had an utter powerhouse of a singer in the form of Gigi Hangach, and that takes some doing.  Of course, we had to find out more about one of our new favourite bands!

You’ve got a brand new EP out on the 29th of March called “Faction:Prologue”, could you tell us a little about some of the songs and their themes? 

Faction:Prologue is a teaser for our debut album Faction due for release in 2017. It’s three song tracklist is:

Devil In Her Eyes – a struggle between the good and evil within. Knowing there’s always that darkness that tries to drag you under… Recognising it, owning it.

The Mutiny – our fall from grace and call to arms! Fed up of your life? Hate your boss? Tired of doing nothing? Go out and fight for what you want to achieve.

Whitehorse – ignorance is bliss… Sometimes we ignore what goes on, even if it’s being done to us, because it’s easier to be swept away with the tide than to try and swim against it.

I see the EP was successful in its kickstarter campaign, how instrumental has that been in green lighting the album?  And how excited were you when you saw that you had a great deal of interest and backing?

We couldn’t have done it without our fans support with the Kickstarter; we can’t thank them enough. The way the industry is now, fans really do make the world go round! We were all really excited and completely honoured with the reception our Kickstarter got, and the feedback so far on Faction:Prologue has been really positive!

Where was the EP recorded and who did you work with on it?

Down at Regal House studio in Wisbech, may it RIP, with producer Lee Batiuk. Lee is now working out of Grange Farm Studios and also produced our last EP checkmate. We’re hoping to work with him to produce the rest of Faction.

I saw your post with Diesel helping out, how much commission does he make? 🙂

Probably more than us!! It’s those eyes…

Tank, you have an awesome voice but when did you discover, and how did you discover, you could sing like that?  Are there any warm up routines you perform before shows?

Haha thanks.. Well you might not believe it but I used to be the most stage-shy teen you can imagine! I’d sing, but only when I was alone in my car or drowned out by loads of other voices. Midway through my teens I played rhythm guitar in a punk rock band and sang backing vocals, so I think it all stemmed from there. I never considered myself as a lead vocalist until I’d nearly graduated, when I decided I wanted to sing in a band; I’d be rehearsing acoustically with a good friend and toying with the idea for a while. This rabble discovered my advert on Gumtree, we jammed, and the rest, they say, is history!

With regards to warm ups.. Yep. As most of the band will happily tell you just how irritating I am before a show, I am a stickler for warm ups! I never used to do anything but as the number of shows increased, the tours got longer and my singing progressed, pushing my range more and more, I was finding my voice strained and stressed on an increasing number of occasions. I sought help from Aaron Buchanan (ex-Heavens Basement) and he opened my eyes and my voice chords to the importance of good form and technique! Since then, I’ve not suffered one bit! The proof is in the pudding..

You’ve had comparison mentioning the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, AFI and Halestorm.  Do you enjoy those sorts of compliments or do they add pressure?

It’s an honour to be compared with such great bands, and a reminder to us that we have a long way to go and to never stop striving to improve and reach that next level. These are bands that we have on our playlists and have grown up listening to so it really has set a high bar…

You formed around 5 years ago, had a change in line-up, but how have you developed as a band and how has your music developed?

In all honesty, those changes have been the catalyst for us and led us to be the band we are today. The transition from two guitars to one introduced us to the idea that sometimes less is more, how to utilise dynamics and to overall becoming a bit heavier and rhythmic. We pay a lot of attention to composition and arrangement now, whereas we used to just play what we thought sounded “good”! As you can imagine that ended up in songs with 5-minute solos..!

What for you as a band have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Again, this has to be line up changes… It’s a really hard thing as such a close unit to lose a member of a band; you become as close as family. When someone tells you they don’t want what you want, it’s hard to hear but you have to accept it and realise that it isn’t the end; it might well just be the start of something better, just different.

We’re very lucky that in our case, this is exactly what happened! When Murf joined our ranks last year, it finally felt like the last piece of the puzzle had dropped into place. All the headaches disappeared, suddenly we had the new lease of life we’d been needing and all the aspects that we had previously needed to work on, suddenly seemed so much easier.

It felt right and it still feels great! I feel like this band has a lot to give and a long way to go, wherever it takes us, and that this is the line up we’ll take there.

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