One Last Run – Unbreakable

One Last Run

One Last Run hail from Manchester, and the 5 piece hard rock outfit have a power house vocalist in the form of Becky Roberts.  Their latest single, “Unbreakable”, is from their debut album due for release around the start of May this year.

According to Becky:

“Unbreakable as a track is the culmination of 2 years of hard work , we couldn’t be more excited to finally be getting it out there and seeing the reaction. We chose this track to release so that people know what to expect when they see us live, we don’t hold anything back and this track is a great introduction to everything we are…”

If “Unbreakable” really does sum up everything the band are, then the album is going to be pretty bloody superb.  It would be all too easy to just be bowled over by Becky’s voice and delivery, if it weren’t for the equally top notch musicianship of Rob Leach, Jack Pennington, Chris Smith and Dan Brown.  With “One Last Run” you get a terrific sense that this is a band who aren’t about showcasing their singer, but working collectively as a band to deliver the best quality music they can, and seemingly enjoying themselves at the same time.

It’s even more impressive that the band have been tenacious, taking two years to develop what they know is an ass kicker of a song, instead of ditching it onto the “songs we’ll do later but will never actually finish” pile.  If a band have that much conviction and belief, then we’ll all be looking forward to hearing more!

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