Set It Off – Interview

Set It Off

Jess interviews Dan:

You supported Crown The Empire a few weeks ago and now you’re on your own tour. How’s it all going?

Oh it’s very exciting. I think the Crown tour was a lot of fun – we’ve been friends with those guys for a very long time and we both came together stateside so it’s cool to tour with them over here. It was our first tour overseas supporting our new album Duality so it was kind of cool to see the response and the growth of our fanbase, our followers and supporters, and to do this tour and have it very concrete, to see what people think about it. It’s been such an amazing response.

There’s such a big difference between Duality and Cinematics.

I think sonically we’ve always written what we wanted to and I feel like with Cinematics it was a great sound, it worked very well and we’re very proud of that record, but we were still trying to discover ourselves and find out identity as a band… our sound, what made us set it off. Cody and myself have a very strong 90s pop / 90s rock, like Counting Crows, Beyonce, N-Sync, any of those kind of vibes from bands and artists like that, so we wanted to bring that to the forefront into what we were writing, and that’s how the album came about.

Everyone has their guilty pleasure song – what’s yours?

Erm… Oh, Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum. That’s totally a chick song (laughs).

Mine’s anything by Britney, so…

Hey, Britney Spears kills it.

What got you into music and would you have done if it hadn’t?

My parents got me into music. I come from a very musical family. My dad was a touring guitarist for years, my mother was a jazz singer, my brother was a trumpet player and piano, so it definitely runs in the bloodline. I love it – I was very lucky to have that.

When I was still in school studying I was a theoretical physics minor so I love space science and time, all that kind of stuff. Talking about gravity and wormholes. So I probably would haven been a college professor somewhere wearing my glasses and my pocket protector and calculator. I still love all that.

What’s your favourite song you’ve written?

I’d probably say Forever Stuck In Our Youth is definitely up there. I think that song represents being yourself and not being afraid of your adolesence. You can’t experience true success without a little bit of failure in your life. You’re going to mess up so it’s about how you bounce back from that. I think that song really portrays that.

When you visit England what’s the one food that you have to buy?

Nandos. There’s no question. We’ve been here for just about a week and I think I’ve eaten Nandos five times. Sometimes twice in one day (laughs).

Is there any particular show or movie that you can just watch over and over again?

Absolutely. Moulin Rouge, I love that movie and I can watch that over and over. Actually one of my favorite television shows is a show on British stelevision I’ve been telling everyone about, and it’s called Luther. I’m a huge fan of Idris Elba so I’ve watched that at least five times. All of season two.

What band would you love to tour with?

Still active or not? Can I pick any band I want? Can I pick more than one? Obviously I would love the Beatles to be the headliner. I want to go with The Who as direct support then I would throw Fall Out Boy in the mix and finally have us open.

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