Nottingham Forest – And the next manager should be…


The decision over Dougie Freedman has split fans, there are those who are glad to see him go, and there are those who think Fawaz should have kept him on. Personally, I think Fawaz should have kept him on.  The restrictions placed under the Financial Fair Play crippled Dougie’s attempts to get the personnel in that Nottingham Forest desperately needed because of the other major issue he was facing, the horrific injury list.  In fact given what Freedman was facing, he pulled off something of a miracle in getting certain players to the City ground. I do feel sorry for Dougie Freedman and hope to see him back in management quickly.

But who should replace him?

Nigel Clough – Well, initially all the shortlists seemed to omit Nigel Clough, which was surprising given the rumours not so long ago that he was being considered.  Nigel has proven himself to be a very shrewd manager, and no doubt the fans would love to see the name Clough back in charge, but is it something that Nigel would want?

Nigel Pearson – Curiously, Pearson hasn’t walked into another job, which given what he achieved with the Foxes is a bit odd.  Unless of course he’s being far more patient and waiting for the right club to approach him.  Would Nottingham Forest fit that bill? Possibly not.  Although a man of few words, his teams do the talking for him.

Billy Davies – The mercurial Scot is having his name linked with Nottingham Forest again.  Again personally, I thought his treatment first and second time round was poor, and although I think he is a quality manager, a third appointment is likely to end on unpleasant terms again.

Alex McLeish – No

David Moyes – What is it about Scottish managers?  Actually, Moyes would be something of a coup, but would he really step down a league and take on a Championship team?  Unlikely.

And so the roundabout goes on and on.  We have the same managers being passed from club to club within the Premiership and Championship.  It’s the same old names, the Pardew’s, the Allardyce’s, the McCarthy’s, perhaps Nottingham Forest should look to Germany or Serbia to find a new Jürgen Klopp or Slaven Bilić?


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