Spiders – Interview

Swedish rockers, Spiders, feature the talents of Ann-Sofie Hoyles, John Hoyles, Olle Griphammar and Ricard Harryson. Last year they released their second album “Shake Electric”, which was received well, and now they have a new EP entitled “Why Don’t You” out. The tours are coming thick and fast for the band at the moment, but we were lucky enough to catch them very quickly mid-way through their current tour with Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.

Many thanks for agreeing to answer our questions! Great new EP, “Why Don’t You”, Could you tell us a little about “Why Don’t You” and “In a Room”? And what made you choose ABBA’s “Watch Out” as a cover?

John: The idea of making a new EP came up pretty fast, as always! When we started to go through song ideas and riffs we found this tune I had written for a solo project. It’s a great tune that we fooled around with in rehearsal, you know, rearranged a few things. The result became the song Why Don’t You. A plain and fast rock song!

With In a Room we thought a lot of Alice Cooper. We wanted to make the verses kind of spooky, with a more open chorus.

We love ABBA! Always has. always will. Watch Out is such a great song, And a bit different from a lot of their other tunes, which are great as well. We’ve been talking about doing an ABBA cover for a long time, but never found the right one. When we heard Watch Out we just thought – that’s it!

And while we’re talking about legends ABBA, it seems Sweden has a ridiculous amount of musical talent, what do you think has fostered / contributed to this? Even the Eurovision entries are good!

John: Many people are asking the same thing, even us Swedes! I don’t really know why, but maybe it has something to do with the darkness. It’s dark 6 months of the year, and there’s not that much to do except hanging around in the rehearsal. I think all of us more or less grew up in filthy and noisy rehearsal rooms, haha!

Great new video for “Why Don’t You”, where was that shot? And you worked with Max Ljungberg, how did that come about?

Olle: Thanks! We shot it at an old prison, nowadays a venue for concerts called Härlanda Fängelse in Gothenburg. Max is fast, professional and he always knows what suits the band and the song best. Can`t name anyone better in Gothenburg, so he was an easy choice!

You’re midway through your tour with Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, how’s that going?

Ann-Sofie: It’s really nice to be on tour with Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, they are a great band, both musically and as people. The audiences have been great every night for both bands I think. Spiders and Uncle Acid is a fine combo!

Have there been things that haven’t quite gone according to plan on the tour?

Ann-Sofie: Yes, to be on tour means a lot of traveling which always means trouble, haha. We had some problems with the car but we fixed it quite easy. We got stuck in traffic when we had 10 minutes left to the venue in Paris so we arrived 50 minutes before we played our show, that was a bit stressful, haha. Stuff like that but no really serious problems… Ok in Lyon I felt really bad and went to see a doctor and I had kidney infection, that was horrible but now I’m fine! So glamorous!

You’ve also just announced you’ll be touring with Graveyard in the USA, how did that come about, and when does preparation for that begin?

Ann-Sofie: Actually it was Axel in Graveyard who texted me and asked if I had some suggestions about good support bands to them so I wrote; “Spiders to your USA-tour would be nice!” but he didn’t mean that tour, he was talking about one or two shows in Sweden so it was like a joke from the beginning and then a couple of days after that we had this tour at our mail! Haha, perfect and easy! We are so happy about this tour, we really like to play with Graveyard and it’s our first tour in USA so we’re so excited! It’s so many papers and stuff that has to be done before we leave but we have a really good manager, Peter af Kleen so it’s gonna work out fine I believe!

Gear question, what makes of instrument do you all prefer to play?

Olle plays an Ibanez bass – a Rickenbacker copy – from 1972, through an Orange bass amp and an Ampeg cabinet,

Ann-Sofie: Gibson Melody Maker, Music Man amp and a Marshall cabinet, Horner Master Blues Harmonica!

Ricard: Hayman drums from 1969, same model as Simon Kirk from “Free” used to play!

John: Greco Les Paul with an Orange 120 overdrive through a Marshall cab.

What so far has been the most enjoyable moments for you with Spiders?

John: Loads of stuff. Tours with bands like Graveyard, Kvelertak and Blood Ceremony across Europe have been fun. All are great bands and lovely people to hang out with. Also being nominated for a Swedish Grammy and a Swedish radio award have been highlights so far.

What have been the biggest challenges for you that you’ve overcome?

John: Mostly economical. We all have day jobs and we have to take a lot of time off to record our albums and tour so it can be very challenging to make ends meet sometimes. But it’s worth it being able to travel to so many countries, meet loads of nice people and play cool venues. We are very fortunate.

And with the release of the EP, are there ideas floating around for another album?

John: Yes!!! We are always working on new ideas! That’s the nice thing to be in a band, we’re spending so much time with each other, listening to music, talk about music, play music so it’s like a process all the time I guess. We want to record and release a new album next year!

We’d like to thank Spiders for their time, and Lailah.

Web Links:

Website – http://www.wearespiders.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wearespiders/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/spiderssweden/videos
Twitter – https://twitter.com/wearespiders


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