Seasons – Interview

Seasons Band

When I saw the phrase “5 piece hard hitting new rock band from Bedfordshire”, I was most certainly curious.  There is a huge wealth of talent throughout the UK, so competitive doesn’t even come close to describing the music scene.

Helpfully they’ve just released a debut single, “Sailed Ships”, so was it hard hitting rock?  My music collection spans from Secret Garden and Seth Lakeman through to the likes of Arch Enemy, Annihilator, so for me not hard hitting. But I will go as far to say that what it’s lacking in hard hitting it makes up for in being bloody awesome. So far I’ve played the damned thing five times on repeat and haven’t gotten tired of it. Hearing this band, and bands like them, I end up asking myself why the hell they haven’t got air play on the likes of Radio 1 yet, but then I realise, I need to find a better god damned radio station.

From the start, it’s promising, and then you brace yourself for the vocals.  Singers really can make or break a band, and Seasons have a superb group at its core.  Grant Tuffs lines up ready to deliver his opening lyric, and boom, it’s a winner and propels Seasons into a band you really need to listen to.

We grab a hold of them to find out more:

Can you tell us a little about how Seasons formed and how the band name came about?  Were there any other names suggested that nearly made it?

Grant- Well, about 6 months ago, Matt and Bradley approached me asking if I wanted to have a bit of a jam and see how things go.

Matt- yeah, Grant used to be in a band, which I then joined as the singer after he left. Eventually I left too. I had another band as well, but that also flopped and decided to approach Grant. I’ve always loved his voice and we needed a good front man if Bradley and I wanted to start a new band. As for the name, that’s all thanks to Brad

Bradley – Yeah… Weirdly enough, it was pretty much the first thing we came up with. Usually bands change names and find it hard to come up with a name, but this one just came to me and the guys loved it. Luckily enough, we never agree on anything. Ha!

Which bands have had an influence over you developing as musicians?  And are you self-taught musicians?

Matt – Young Guns are a big influence and Mallory. They are both very talented bands. And yeah, I’m self taught.

Bradley – Yeah, I am too. Well, I had a couple here and there but mainly self-taught

Antony – Me too, ha!

Steve – I was taught guitar at a young age and now I teach kids too.

Grant – I am a self-taught singer and guitarist, but I am a grade 7 in Drums. Those things are my babies!

“Sailed Ships” has been recently released, where was that recorded and who produced it?  Could you tell us a little about how you were inspired to write it?

Steve – well, this was the first song we wrote as a 5 piece. 5 heads are better than 3 and all. It sounded NOTHING like it does now, the structure was completely different. We knew we wanted to change it because we weren’t getting the buzz from it that Bradley, Grant and Matt did when they created The Runaway and Rumours. Truth be told I felt the same. But, one Sunday afternoon, it just clicked. Sailed Ships became what it is. A lot of trial and error.

Matt – we constantly change songs anyways.

Brad – yeah, and the track and our whole EP actually was recorded at Valhalla Studios with Dan J Lambert.

During the recording process what lessons did you learn that you’ll apply next time (if any)?

Grant – I think we’ve learnt that having a fresh set of ears on a music – the producer – it can bring a lot to our music. Being open to new ideas.

Matt – To be honest, being ready with what you have I’ve learnt. Like I said, we change songs all the time, can be very close to recording day that we change our minds ha!

Ant – typical SEASONS.

How do you go about writing songs and capturing inspiration?  (as an example, Neil Peart from Rush used to have a little notebook, and every time he heard a nice turn of phrase in passing  he’d jot it down).

Steve – For me, I am constantly jamming and I know Grant does too, he randomly sends us stuff on our group chat! Drives us nuts… “Grant you aren’t a guitarist anymore, step aside” nah, only kidding. Inspiration comes very randomly to me.

Grant – Vocally and lyrically, I wait for the music to be made and try feel the song, if it feels a bit more heart-felt and passionate, maybe a love song. Or if it’s a bit more hard hitting and rockier, then maybe something a little less lovely, I more find a topic and work with that.

Bradley – I follow the guys and then do my own little bits around the fret.

Ant – Grant and I sometimes work together and make something, but most of the time when we make a song I tend to try different things out, see what works best.

Matt – To get my influences I tend to listen to other bands and get a feel of their music, to see if I get any ideas. Not copy as such, it’s just the more I listen to an album the more I want to write music.

Love the video for “Sailed Ships”, who did you work with on that and how did it come about?  How much input did you have into it and what was your reaction when you saw the finished video?

Bradley – Thank you so much. Well, we worked with As A Button Production; amazing company. It’s only two guys Tom and Jack and they were just brilliant. I personally had other things in mind for the video, but I must admit I am very happy with it. I was thinking a pitch black room for the poker game, but there is a lot of character in the pub, we wanted to get the soundings in.

Grant – I think we all had different thoughts. It was Tom who thought of the idea of our solo shots in the spotlights. As one of us goes in the dark, another comes out. We all really loved that idea and got straight on board with it.

Steve – yeah, we all had an input. Ant, Grant and I were on the poker game shoot and there were lots of ideas floating around then. Like, Grant was going to do some singing whilst playing poker, then we thought that may be a bit weird. There were so many.

Ant – Oh yeah, and then we tried Grant singing alone in front of the poker table. He had to sing double speed for the video to be slowed down. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was so quick.

Matt – Unfortunately, me and Brad weren’t there. But we love it and are very happy with the outcome! Definitely recommend As A Button Production to any band or artist who are looking to shoot a video.


What are the next steps for “Seasons”?

Grant – Management I’d say

Band – Yeah!

Ant – and as much radio play as possible.

Grant – We will be bringing out another video in a few months and then at the end of the year we will be back in the studio again.

Matt – We can’t wait.

Steve – I think we are all looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us.

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