Everybody Looks Famous – Interview

Everybody Looks Famous

Everybody Looks Famous have a lot in common with Hayley Williams and co. Female fronted band? Check. Alt Rock, Pop Punk? Check. Sound like Paramore? In a lot of ways yes, check. Awesome? Check. There are a lot of bands who have sprung up who fall into the same category, but a lot of them just don’t have dare I say it, the X Factor, or indeed any factor if we’re being brutally honest. Usually thirty seconds in and it’s just painful, but with Everybody Looks Famous we’re treated to the real deal, and a band who really do sound pretty damned terrific.

Sure there are comparisons with Paramore, but that’s more to do with the genre they’re in as opposed to any deliberate effort to copy them. Everybody Looks Famous aren’t pretending to be anyone, and seemingly, are just out to write good songs that they’re ever so chuffed to bits with to be playing to live audiences. As a result they’re an exceedingly nice and likeable bunch and we’re glad they have some pretty cool fans who think the same. After all, you’ve got to be at the top of your game if you’re going to tour with and share a stage with the likes Royal Republic and Tinie Tempah.

And even better, they’re touring with that pretty magnificent Scottish lot, Altered Sky! We chat to Guitarist / Vocalist, Tom about their single, Fiction and more.

Fiction is a great track, what prompted the writing / themes of that track?

Fiction was a weird one. Instrumentally it came from nowhere like we were just messing about and it just happened. In terms of lyric themes, we are all geeky gamer types, so the track is basically about like confusing reality with the fiction of a game. Creating Fiction was a fun process from start to finish.

In doing lyric videos for tracks do you think it makes life a lot easier for people to join in the singing at your shows (especially when it’s a new song)?

Definitely, like it’s the first time we have done a lyric video so we have found it works really well. We got a lot more fan engagement with the video than we first expected, which was insane! We wanna see people covering it now! haha!

We’ve interviewed Altered Sky and they were super awesome. You’re going on tour with them very soon, how did that come about, and how’s the preparation going for it?

Well we do all of our bookings through a tour agency and it kinda of happened that we were looking to tour around the same time as Altered Sky so we got together and paired things off between us. We are on the road now and it’s awesome. Both bands each have a unique dynamic. Makes for a really kick ass show.

When on tour, what things can’t you live without? It goes without saying, instruments, air, water, food, sleep etc!

2 things we find are necessities for touring. Wet wipes! Cos hygiene is king haha! And Bin bags. We have done the tours in the past where have lived in our on filth and it’s not great after a couple of days! They are our top tour tips!

What are the most challenging things you face whilst being on tour?

I guess we all have our own challenges. Not sleeping a lot and being away from home is generally what takes a toll on everyone. Being in cramped space with everyone can begin to grind on a long run as well. But overall we love it. The good things well outweigh the bad things!

Now, there’s a video of you guys from about 5 years ago or so, how do you feel you’ve changed as a band, and how have you developed musically since then?

It’s always hilarious to look back on those videos! We have changed so much since then and been through so much. Definitely wouldn’t do anything different though. We love every second of it! I think the main thing for us is we have grown up and as a direct effect so has our music. We feel like our music is the best it has ever been so we are happy with growing up… in that aspect anyways!

Talking about videos a certain fan of yours, Cammy, posted a video of herself singing one of your tracks. How did you react to that and how humbling /exciting is it when you get a fan response like that where you’ve made a real connection with your music? How tempted would you be to drag her on stage if you saw her in the audience?

Yeah definitely like it’s crazy to think that people love our music that much. Really humbling and exciting. We like to encourage the people that do stuff like that as much as possible because something that we have created has inspired them to do something creative and that feeling is pretty awesome. We want to see more of that for sure. And to the last question… yeah why the hell not?! We want to see people enjoy our shows as much as possible so let’s make a huge thing of it and get more people involved. We are a really sociable band. We just want to have an awesome time!

Film you got most excited about this year Spectre, Hunger Games, Star Wars, The Martian, or something different?

Star Wars is a big thing for sure. Like that is our generation. Although there is the Hunger Games is amazing too. So many good films out. I think Star Wars is definitely going to be the one though! Can’t wait for that!

Talking about Spectre, what did you make of Sam Smith’s song for it? And, if Everybody Looks Famous were asked to do a Bond theme tune, how would you react and how would you approach writing it?

Okay so Sam Smith’s song is everything that you would expect from a Bond theme, which is cool, but I’m (Tom) not a massive fan of the song. I think if we were given the chance to do the Bond theme we would create something that had the elements of a classic bond theme but we would want it to sound like no other Bond theme that has ever been created. It would be a huge track. A proper epic stadium rock style track would suit us!

Web Links:

Website – http://www.everybodylooksfamous.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/everybodylooksfamous
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/evrybdylooksfamous/featured
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/everybodylooksfamous/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/evrybdylooksfms


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