Forever Still – Tied Down

Maja Schønning (lead vocals), Mikkel Haastrup (bass) and Dennis Post (guitars) are the heart and soul of Danish Rock Band, Forever Still. Their debut album, “Tied Down”, was  on 15 January 2016, and it’s a stormer!

Very first track “Scars”, and from the outset I like what they’re doing. Some bands opt to have one guitar line which gives a much punchier sound and pushes the vocals a bit more upfront, but with Forever Still, we have a terrific guitar riff, but also a nice melody over the top. Better yet, Maja doesn’t just imitate the guitar melody, and the end result is you have these three “voices” weaving a mesmerising soundscape. It’s not so heavy that it’s scary Arch Enemy, but it’s not so lightweight that it’s Paramore either. It’s a finely balanced track.

“Once Upon A Nightmare” I think highlight’s again Maja being herself and not trying to copy the symphonic metal brigade with the almost operatic high delivery. And by the way, I do like bands like “Within Temptation” and so on, but can only listen to say five tracks in one go from that genre. With Forever Still though, it’s solid writing and performance with the bands personalities shining through. A lovely guitar solo lends itself to a terrific track and the drums are eased off to perfection without going over the top.

“Miss Madness” slows down the pace and a reflective mood is added by some gentle keyboard work. The title fits perfectly, and with the frailty of the lyrics you become aware of the tremendous production quality that’s been put into this thus far. If this track were to appear on a soundtrack for some superhero film you can bet that this band will be catapulted into stardom. “Awake The Fire” picks up the pace with something of an air of defiance about it, and it’s sure to have audience’s punching the air in unison.

“Breathe In” ratchets it up another level guitar wise with the machine gun ricochet of drum fills perfectly punctuating the main riffs and choruses. Added to that Maja delivers some awesome growls and screams that aren’t overdone (thankfully). “Save Me” slows the pace down and lets you catch your breath from “Breathe In”. The lyrics are actually quite savage despite the more calm underpinning music. I must admit I was caught out in a silent break in the song about two thirds in. I can easily imagine an audience cheering at that point and then feeling rather silly as the song continues a moment later.

“Your Light” had an odd effect because just for a second the guitar riff reminded me of Disturbed, which is no bad thing. “Alone” again has some punchy guitars backed up by some equally hard hitting synths. In “Break The Glass” just for a second Maja’s vocals bordered on Alanis Morrissette, in a good way in terms of sound and delivery, and came as something of a surprise. “Tied Down” ends the album on a much more Evanescence type sound.

It’s a terrific album, and doesn’t sound at all like some debut album dipping its toe into the water. It’s a full on thoroughly well polished, professionally written and expertly performed ripper!

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