Cage The Elephant – Gig Review

Cage The Elephant probably deserved that Grammy Award last year, but had to settle for the nomination instead, but it certainly hasn’t affected them adversely as they continue to pound along, whipping up a frenzy wherever they go.  “Tell Me I’m Pretty” is their latest album and pretty much all of the album (only missing “How Are You True” and “That’s Right”) made it on to the setlist.

Their entrance sets the tone of what is going to be a riotous night with Matt Shultz declaring : “f*** you to Valentine’s Day”, before launching into “Cry Baby”.  The Rescue Rooms and sound engineers have done a top job and the band have kicked off their gig at a sprint.  As soon as “In One Ear” starts, the audience are loving every minute of it, but the more alert amongst them can spot Shultz picking out his spot, and sure enough, he’s in amongst the thick of it and the mosh pit is loving it.

Midway through the set, and “Trouble” starts with the band silhouetted against the blue lights of the Rescue Rooms providing a bit of welcome relief for the sweaty audience who just haven’t let up all night so far.  “Trouble to the left, trouble to the right”, for the most part Shultz is effectively drowned out by the audience, and judging by his smile, this is what he was made for.

Jared Champion unfortunately was ill about a third of the way into the show and had to be replaced, and I could hear a number of the fans saying that they hoped he was alright.  I think pretty much the whole room was thinking exactly the same thing.  A replacement drummer was quickly ushered in though, and the mayhem continued.

In Shultz, “Cage The Elephant” have the perfect frontman, a fantastic foil for their delivery.  Energetic, he didn’t stop for one minute, crowd surfing about 4 times, the last two topless, and that manic frenzy rubbed off onto their guitarist who also joined the crowd a couple of times too.  A fantastic night, and if you weren’t there, well, more fool you!

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