Temple of Rock – Gig Review

Michael Schenker’s sound is unmistakeable, be it UFO, MSG or The Scorpions. Thankfully he’s back, enjoying himself with his latest project, “Temple of Rock”. The sound is an unholy mix of Schenker, Scorpions, Rainbow and William Shatner all rounded into one glorious project. Rock City was typically full, but with credit due for some fantastically loyal fans who always make these shows something special.

First track on the bill, UFO’s Doctor Doctor, and straight way Doogie White has the audience in awe of his superb vocal ability and total showmanship, and Michael? Michael’s just got this biggest grin on his face which was brilliant to see. Next up is Temple of Rock’s “Live and Let Live” with Herman Rarebell thundering away on drums with a commanding performance. Meanwhile Michael is in a mesmerising sonic tango with his Dean V. “Where the Wild Blows” really does remind me of early Rainbow in terms of the some of the riff, but chorus lifts it with Doogie soaring with a huge delivery. Straight away it’s a jump from the new to the old with UFO’s “Natural Thing”. The performance is flawless, and continued to be the case for the whole show.

“Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” is essential listening and this runaway success of a track was always guaranteed a spot in the setlist. It’s at this point given the tracks performed and what stage they were written at in Michael’s career, you understand that Michael has remained true to what he believes and his signature sound. The setlist just flows effortlessly, and of course it has to have, “Lovedrive”. Personally, I’ve always thought the theme tune to 80’s TV show The A-Team seemed to borrow heavily from Schenker’s leviathan of song, but that aside, the audience enjoy every minute.

Temple of Rock 3

My next favourite track “Good Times” slows the pace down a little with Doogie references the sad loss of some musical legends this year before starting. It made the song perhaps a little bit more poignant for the audience, but it certainly did for me. “Lord of the Lost and Lonely” is delivered like a hammer blow with Doogie loving every minute of it, audience bouncing along enthusiastically.

Sorry to say though, “Rock You Like A Hurricaine” took the roof off, audience responding to Doogie with equal volume and enthusiasm. It was just utterly brilliant to see and hear. Klaus Meine is a fantastic lead singer, so Doogie had to deliver, and he did emphatically.

It was a brilliant night of old and new tracks which flew by way to quickly.

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Website – http://www.michaelschenkerhimself.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/MW_Schenker
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MichaelSchenkerRocks


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