Audio Poets – Make a Scene

Audio Poets

Audio Poets are a four piece Punk/Rock/Alternative band hailing from Texas, and on the evidence of “Make A Scene”, their debut album, are something very special indeed. And, they have someone called Mike Knight in their lineup, I’m really hoping their tour van / bus has one of those Knight Rider red light things swooshing left and right on the front of their van.

Straight from the outset there’s a warm fuzz laden funk riff (and expletive laden too) and “The Anthem” has all of the hallmarks of the legendary Rage Against The Machine album. More often than not you get press releases where comparisons are made, and you struggle to make the connection, but with RATM, the comparison for this track is extremely well deserved.

“Wake Up” heads more in the punk direction with a great chorus line that I’m sure audiences are going to love singing along to. Given that this follows “The Anthem” it shows a wide diversity in the Audio Poets music. “Not My Time” quite simply has some of the most bizarre and yet awesome lyrics and the creepy backing just makes it a fantastic track. It’s quite a dark track despite the kooky feel to it.

“Burn” throws out the playful side and turns it up a level in the rock department, and so far the album is like riding a fun packed roller coaster that twists and turns throwing unexpected thrills at you just when you think you have a handle on things. Title track “Make A Scene” has a far more purposeful guitar riff even though it feels as though the vocals are a bit Green Day / Panic at the Disco, it’s still distinctly very Audio Poets.

“Space” is indeed something of an interlude, a grandiose instrumental. “Revolution” has got an immense swagger to its guitar riff, like Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne prowling down an alley way. “Wounded Eyes” lightens the mood a little musically although the lyrics are far more reticent and soul searching and as such the vocal delivery is eased off a great deal, very nicely done.

“Do You Feel It” is perhaps one of my least favourite tracks on the album, I can’t put my finger on it, but it somehow just didn’t connect with me. But it’s the only track I didn’t get along with, which given the strength of all of their other songs, is pretty impressive.

“Make It Through” is a nice way to end the album. I was expecting it to go to some predictable grand finale type chorus but it absolutely didn’t. At first my initial reaction was disappointment, you know, where’s the huge chorus!? But then as I said, if they had have done that it would have been boringly predictable, instead the little curveball they throw in actually is a lovely surprise and really makes the track a special one.

Overall, it’s a ripping debut from the band and it really does stand out from the crowd. I’ve heard countless debuts from bands in this genre, and some just seem like they’re going through the motions, “this song is about being hurt in a relationship, arrgghhhwarblwarbl, thank you, this song is about being angry, arrgghhhwarblwarbl” and repeat with no real discernible difference. With Audio Poets though they switch the dynamics of the guitars and vocals to actually reflect the message of the song, and although it seems such a common sense thing to do, so many bands just fall short. Absolutely yes, loving this from Audio Poets.

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