Charlotte Hope – Interview

Charlotte Hope

We last saw Myranda in Season 5 in Game of Thrones, played by Charlotte Hope. For those who haven’t seen Season 5, it’s very good. In any case, Myranda is the lover of one Ramsey Bolton who is played by the quite frankly awesome, skin crawling inducing genius of Iwan Rheon. I truly thought George RR Martin couldn’t come up with anyone more hateful then Joffrey, oh how wrong was I.

So with that, if you’re going to have a foil, a love interest for Ramsey, Martin had to really pull something special out of the bag, as did the casting crew. And they absolutely did. Charlotte Hope’s portrayal of Myranda is downright sadistic, and utterly mesmerising. When we saw her at Collectormania we were some what taken aback with how friendly and happy she was. Of course we don’t expect people to be like their characters, but we don’t expect them to be polar opposites either. Here’s how our chat with her went.

So the very first question Myranda, what was that like to play because she is deliciously twisted isn’t she?

Yeah for me that’s the most fun part to play in the kind of crazy psycho, partly because playing a bitch is really fun, but more so, because it’s kinda fun to work out what makes that person real and what makes him tick. Like being evil is never black and white where you’re like this person is a bad person so I think this all comes from her love for Ramsey, and then when you try and work it out from that, it’s quite fun then. I think

Okay it’s certainly different from Philippa Hawking.

Yes, yeah. You know what? Actually Philippa Hawking gave Felicity’s character a really hard time as well like there’s still that kind of taunting it’s not quite to the same level as Myranda but she wasn’t like completely nice.

So how’s playing those very two different roles for you? You’ve got one sort of imbedded in a fantasy world and one’s very real because obviously you can approach game of thrones with certain mindsets but Philippa Hawking that’s a real person.

Yeah I kind of approached it like all of the same, as far as I’m concerned all those people are real and it’s…and that’s what’s interesting with Myranda it’s like making her as a real person it’s not just a black and white cutout I love getting to play different characters I’m really lucky I don’t get stuck playing the same thing over and over again so yeah.

Okay the Myranda character in Game Of Thrones back to that. Some of the scenes are a bit… do you ever sort of see it and think that’s a bit much or?

No you know what, that’s such the tone of the show (yeah) and I like being able to do stuff that might shock people and that is like risky like that bit in scene…in season 5 where Myranda like bites Ramsey that was my favorite scene to film, she’s wild like to be that/go that feral that was really fun I guess.

Did you actually bite him?

Mhmm I didn’t draw blood but I did bite him

What did he taste like?

And that’s a question that I won’t be answering!

That’s okay! I mean Game Of Thrones has become a huge hit what do you think is the huge appeal of that TV series?

There’s so many different characters, its brave, like it does things that are shocking and that you wouldn’t expect and no one gets bored there’s nothing predictable about it and the characters are so cool like there’s really strong female characters like Daenerys at the end of episode nine with those dragons I was like YES!! That’s really exciting to watch.

So you’re definitely a fan then?

I was a fan before it started!

You’ve read the books as well then?

I read the books and even when they were auditioning for the pilot I auditioned so I kind of knew about the show from the beginning what do you think about the deviation

…(waves to someone off camera)

Sorry. we could stop now if you want?

No, no, it’s okay

What do you think about the deviation from the book from the TV show? My wife is mortified by it.

Oh Really?


No because that’s what I think makes it work, because if you were just gonna stick to the book then it would be quite…the books are great but they are what they are. But actually if you are going make a TV series it’s got to exist on its own and I think its really clever like what they did with Sansa’s story line has totally incorporated all the Jeyne Pool stuff that’s in the book but built into Sansa’s storyline so it’s not…because there are so many characters in the book like it would be too confusing in the whole TV show its confusing enough as it is! You know what I mean!?


You gotta tie some of those together so they’ve done it really cleverly and also it means you can love the book, and you can love the TV show as well because its different enough so it’s not a regurgitation of what you’ve read.

Currently it seems now that TV is overtaking film you’ve got more fans than say Tom Cruise do you find that people relate more to the characters and actors.

Personally I think there’s more exciting work to be had on TV because you get a longer character arc, you get more time to play, more time to build, like you don’t need to plot a climax after seventy minutes. That makes it more exciting to develop the character and yeah people get much more accessibility and you become more associated with a character, where one film goes to another film and another film, with TV you associate with it every season. So yeah it’s a quicker appreciation.

You can also put your own style into it as well.

Completely, yeah, you get so much more time to play with it and you can just plan, like Game Of Thrones is shot in six months, I did an independent film last year which we shot in three weeks. You just don’t get, you know what I mean, the same amount of time.

When you got the script for Myranda were you excited or did you think “oh no”?

Well when I first auditioned it was just gonna be one episode on season 3 and then they wrote more because they liked the character, and I remember when I got to the scene in season 5, I was reading those scenes and it was such a killer cool scene and yeah just so so exciting!

Do you find it’s a nice halfway house where you’re well known, but you still have your privacy and most fans are respectful?

I’m in a really happy happy stage of my career where I’m working all the time I get to live my life it’s a win win as far as I’m concerned

No paparazzi or anything!

No no, but also, I’ve also got friends in Game Of thrones who are much bigger characters than me, and they’re all the time being stopped. And that’s really fabulous, it’s nice to be appreciated. But I quite like that I just get to live my life and also work as an actress, that’s a win win as far as I’m concerned.

And my last question is, “Corpsing”, who’s the worst for it?

No you know what there’s not anything that’s really that funny that I shoot!

No jokes or anything to unwind maybe?

No they’re all really professional! Sorry, I’m being really unresponsive here! You know it’s such a really cool show everyone takes it really seriously we have a great time but when we are at work it’s all kept under wraps…

Thank you very much for your time!

Aww thank you.


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