Alfie Allen – Interview

Alfie Allen

Collectormania (run by Showmasters) Milton Keynes was as ever, very busy. Held at the MK Dons Football stadium for the time being, and with entrance being free, hordes of fans invade Milton Keynes to attend. A wide variety of “celebrities” were there, ranging from sports men and women to actors and Comic artists. This year saw the likes of Frank Bruno, David Legeno, Torri Higginson, Charles Dance and many more there. The biggest draw of the weekend appeared to be the new cast of Dr Who, with an insanely long queue of people waiting to meet them, but thankfully, with Showmasters having implemented a ticketing system for their events, the queues don’t last that long.

This time around our team attending didn’t include our Dr Who fans, oh no, but instead consisted of Game of Thrones fans. This was probably just as well as my knowledge of Dr Who is limited to Tom Baker, who as far as I’m concerned is Dr Who, with the rest being only imitations. The wonderful Ellie Kendrick (GoT) was kind enough to take time out to chat with us, Charles Dance as ever was too busy (next time I may take the Husky and if he tries to say no ask him to look into the dogs eyes, how could he resist!?), but to our surprise, and with the help of the awesome Showmaster’s crew, we managed to speak to Alfie Allen.

Now there are few characters in Game Of Thrones who are evil, they just are who they are doing what they can to survive, or come out on top. I quite liked Jaime Lannister, despite his dubious romantic interests, you could see why he did certain things, I even quite liked Tywin Lannister, but Theon Greyjoy was just hateful. I haven’t raged at a character so much for a long time, and it’s a credit to George RR Martin’s writing, and to Alfie Allen for bringing that traitorous little whelp to life in the TV adaptation. It’s because of the sneering Theon that I renamed Rob Stark, “that cretinous muppet”, a potential king who promised much but made disastrous choices.

So resisting the urge to yell TRAITOR, along with a biblical sized amount of insults we had a quick chat with the charming Theon, sorry, I meant Alfie…

For you what’s the appeal of Game of Thrones?

Why do I think it’s such a loved show, well, because it’s appeals to such a wide range of people. Like some idiotic journalist wrote an article recently that said that “girls don’t like Game of Thrones” which is just such a stupid statement, because if you look at the series, there are just so many strong female characters there. How can a girl not like it!?

Is your sister a fan?

What!? (laughs) actually, I don’t know you’d have to ask her. Yeah, it’s just a loved show isn’t it, watched by a wide variety of people, whether your old or young, man or woman, dog or cat (laughs), you can like it, you know what I mean, so it’s good.

Are you a little bit shocked by how cavalier George RR Martin is in killing off characters such as Ned Stark for example?

Well I kind of knew because I signed on to the show knowing that Sean Bean, if there was going to be second series, he wasn’t going to be in it. So it wasn’t so much of a shock to me. I do remember reading the books and really not believing it, even though I knew he was going to be dead, but it happened. IN the books it’s told from Arya’s point of view, it’s not like there’s a “Ned Chapter”, and then Ned just dies. So you finished reading the previous Ned chapter, and then he just dies in Arya’s chapter, and you just can’t get your head around it! But because George Martin approaches it with not having all characters “safe”, it keeps readers and audiences hooked to it. It makes people fall in love with it, whilst simultaneously hating it!

Alfie Allen 1

Theon’s quite a skilled archer, like the rest of the cast I assume you had large amounts of training?

Yeah, all five minutes of it. It was terrible (laughs). No, the archery training was good, it was fun. I really got into it and it’s obviously Theon’s sort of weapon. The weapon of a coward! (laughs), you know, shoot from afar! And that’s a smart thing you know. Sadly Theon didn’t do much sword fighting which was a bit annoying because I really wanted to!

With actors being in different locations, and CGI being added later, does it come as a bit of a shock when you see the finished article? Or do you not watch things you’re acting in?

You know, I’d like to say that I’m that cool that I don’t watch things I’m in, but I do (laughs). Although I don’t watch myself repetitively on TV just to make that clear! (laughs). But yeah, it is odd, the scenes that you know and you’ve seen the sets of, it is kind of hard to take yourself out of it. And then when I see the scenes from Croatia and stuff in Iceland it’s much easier to be a fan and get into it because I’ve not seen any of that stuff. But the sets I was in, when you see the finished article, it’s incredible, whereas the other ones I can just sit and take in the whole spectacle of it.

Sadly that was all the time we could get with Alfie as he was extremely busy. It was quite late in the day and I was surprised by how energetic and enthusiastic he was whilst everybody else was flagging. Once again a huge thank you to Alfie and the Showmasters crew.


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