The Dead Life – Hollow Blood


“The Dead Life” are a 4 piece heavy rock band from the city of Brighton in 2012, and have just released their new single “Hollow Blood”. “Hollow Blood” tells the story of someone walking in to your life and them causing damage to you and your family; It’s about not giving credence to the claim “blood is thicker than water”, and protecting those you love from harm, regardless of the consequences to yourself. Front-man Sam Craddock says, “recording this song in the studio was physically and emotionally exhausting, and I had to drag up all the hatred and anger I’ve felt for years and turn it into something positive and cathartic.

It’s always refreshing to hear a band writing a song with substance that tells a story or shares a personal experience, instead of going for some mainstream pocket money fodder mindless singalong. Sam may have had to drag up all the hatred and anger he’s felt for years, but it doesn’t turn into some over the top unlistenable rant and he’s strikes a very fine balance between unleashing hell, or not having enough conviction. In fact I’d go as far to say his delivery is absolute perfection.

Callum Armitage on drums is something of a revelation and The Dead Life use his skills to the full, especially with the introduction to “Hollow Blood”. And with Neil MacCallum and Dan Jolley (guitar and bass respectively), between them, it sounds like there are 3 guitarists propelling the track along. Great arrangement too, not so overly complex you feel that you’re running a Dream Theater marathon, but not entirely predictable, again, nicely balanced.

All in all, a great release from “The Dead Life” that should spark some enthusiasm from potential fans.

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