Rose Leslie – Interview

Rose Leslie

After interviewing the wonderful Gwendoline Christie we headed over to speak to Rose Leslie. We’d heard that she was incredibly friendly and chatty, but surely not the equal of co-star Gwendoline? Oh yes. I don’t think you could have hoped to have spoken to anyone as friendly as Rose. Jim was convinced she was from Yorkshire, so when he heard the very thespian English accent, I think he went into shock. For those unaware of the superb acting talent of Rose, she played the ever likeable Gwen in the incredible Period Drama, “Downton Abbey”, and the tough “Wildling”, Ygritte, in the spectacular TV series, Game of Thrones (with thatYorkshireaccent that had Jim thinking she was a Yorkie). In fact if I’m being honest, I was fooled too, and I am from Yorkshire!

We didn’t have a huge amount of time, which was a shame since Jim had done quite a bit of preparation and he had a lot of very good in depth questions ready to reel off, but as I said time was short, so we went with the short questions. Maybe next time we can wade in with the more thought provoking stuff. If the truth be known, Rose was so chatty we could have easily spent hours there, she’s one of those people who makes you feel so at ease you almost feel that it’s a casual chat with a good friend at the local coffee bar.

Can you tell us where you were when you got the phone call from your agent telling you the good news that you had a role in Game of Thrones?

I was walking down the street in South Kensington, London and I was meeting a friend for coffee or whatever and I got the call then, I literally remember jumping up and down in the street and getting very weird looks from everybody. And do you know, I couldn’t stop myself, I was floating on cloud nine!

That’s understandable given that Game of Thrones is such a big hit! It must have meant a lot to you!

Yes, for me absolutely. I was a massive fan of the first series and I count myself lucky going through the audition process for the second season.

James asked me to ask you this, but who’s your favourite chef, and food heaven and food hell?

Well, we were talking about this before, but I love Jamie Oliver, I have all the tme in the world for Jamie Oliver (if we get to interview Rose again, Jim says we’re going in wearing Jamie Oliver masks), and my idea of food heaven and hell, hmm, let’s what do I really dislike, I’m not very good with Aubergines, and I’m not good with cucumber, I don’t really like those. And my heaven is Duck, I love Duck. I love meat, sorry! (I admit to not having tried it) Oh, do you know what, you should give a go, you might be converted for life!

You were also in the very known period drama Downton Abbey, which was highly praised by the critics and an outrageous success, how do you feel about that?

I think it’s amazing, and I know that all of us, the cast members and crew, didn’t really appreciate or knew how much of a big step it would be, so it’s wonderful for a British drama to pick up so many accolades.

Game of Thrones, you’ve started reading the series of books, how far are you into those?

I’ve started on book four.

Ooooh, that’s the looong one, very slow.

Yeah, it’s the long one isn’t it (pulls a sad face), well book three is pretty long as well though. (laughs). I have really got into them. Do you know, I can’t really put them down. I can’t put them down. And I’m now quite a fan of fantasy, I hadn’t really read any fantasy before this. But they’re wonderful.

Can I ask you something of a personal question?


Jims’ wife is Slovenian, so she always asks about accents when watching UK programs. He heard yours on Game of Thrones and wrongfully said that you were from Yorkshire. Turns out you’re from Aberdeen in Scotland, what happened to the Scottish accent!?

Yes I’m from Aberdeen(laughs). You are so right. I was born in bred in Scotland, and that’s certainly where I consider to be home for me. But I was actually sent to school in the South of England when I was about 13 or 14. I did have a Scottish accent when I was younger, but that was totally eradicated by my years in Somerset.

That’s like Jim, he’s Scottish, but he has no accent whatsoever

(Looks at Jim) You see, you can lose it so easily. Can you go back into it though?

At this point there’s a definite exchange of Scottishness between an Aberdeen accent and a Glasgow one, they both end up laughing. I wonder what they said.

We thought your accent was amazing, certainly had Jim fooled!

Oh thank you!!

So, what was it like being on set, in Iceland?

Iceland was just phenomenal. I had never been to Iceland before so I was incredibly excited by going there! I was just mesmerised by the beauty of the scenery, and a lot of the times during breaks whilst we were filming, I remember looking around, it’s like a dream world, it’s so beautiful. It was wonderful.

We thanked Rose for her time and set off in pursuit of our next interview, the wrestler Magnus. People like Rose Leslie, Gwendoline Christie, Kevin Sorbo Chris Judge and the other people we interviewed really made London Film and Comic Con a worthwhile experience. A huge thank you to Rose, the crew at the London Film and Comic Con, and the fans for being so incredibly patient whilst waiting for us to finish our interview. We hope we didn’t hold things up too long!


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