Wolf Down – Incite and Conspire

Wolf Down

If you were to imagine the onslaught of riffs by leviathans such as Biohazard and Machine Head, and the anti-establishment political edge of Rage Against The Machine, put them in a blender, you’d end up with Wolf Down, a quite frankly monstrous band from Germany. Sure, there’s a certain nostalgic sound to their hammer and anvil delivery, but, it’s something we’ve quite frankly been missing of late.

Seemingly nothing is left unscathed, and rightfully so. It’s as if Greenpeace just suddenly geared up and took a hammer to everything. Animal rights, environmental issues and the abuse of power by governments, it’s all fair game. It isn’t eloquent, but their messages are unmistakably clear.

The very first track is “Barricade Fever”, and really it’s just the build up to the first full song “Against The Grain” pretty much sets the tone, revolution! Personally I would have settled for “Barricade” to have just been part of “Against The Grain”, but either way, together they set the benchmark for some very tightly performed songs tinged with vocal savagery.

“True Deceivers” is a no holds steel toe capped barred roundhouse kick to the earhole. If you have any doubts about Wolf Down’s conviction in the message they’re sending, take a look at their video for “True Deceivers”.

Other highlights are the two tracks, “Incite” and “Conspire”, around which this whole album is centred around. The first of these two may only be about a minute and half long, a third of which is the build-up, but the song is an absolute hammerfall of epic proportions. “Conspire” immediately follows, bathing in the glorious aftermath of “Incite”, and for a very brief second the guitars sound a little like Annihilator in their attack.

A lot has been made of original vocalist Larissa’s departure, and Dave finds himself in the unenviable position of taking over the wheel with the bus in ramming speed. How does he compare? Maybe it’s not a fair question to ask, but this first outing shows that band haven’t lost any of their edge and so far looking promising. It’s going to take fans a little adjustment, sure, and they may even lose a few along the way, but they’ll be sure to pick up new ones too.

Web Links:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/wolfdownhc
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wolfdownhc/
Website – http://www.conspiracyofarsonists.com/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/WOLFxDOWN/videos


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