Coast To Coast – Amiglia

Coast to Coast.jpg

Easycore/pop-punk band Coast To Coast, from Nagoya Japan, have just released their new single “Amiglia”. I didn’t know what an “Amiglia” is, or who it was, but never fear, apparently it’s a personification of the word ‘amygdala’, which is the part of the brain that controls memory and the feeling of nostalgia. For this song, they are singing to Amiglia, or the memories of times past.

Before I knew that though I was thinking of:



1. extraordinarily great or intense:
Coast to Coast are Amiglia.

2. extremely good; wonderful:
Coast to Coast’s latest single is Amiglia.

So there we go, dictionary definition good to go! Ok, probably not, but it’s very apt because this latest single is pretty damned awesome. It’s a summer time anthem, accompanied by those retro looking photos you’ve probably still got online courtesy of instagram filters, where you’re lazing in the late afternoon sun’s glow at a festival. Even though some of the lyrics hint at perhaps being slightly at a loss, there’s still a carefree infectious bounce that carries the feel good nostalgia..

Well worth a listen!

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